6 Things I do Every Morning to Start My Day

Your day is pretty much formed by how you spend your first hour. Check your thoughts, attitude, and heart.

My morning routine consist of filling myself with love spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

1. Meditate

First things first, I start my day off with a morning meditation. I usually roll out of bed around 5:00 am; sike, more like whatever time I feel like getting up lol (eventually I’ll get to 5 am). Next, I’ll grab a few crystals, light some sage, or even light an incense. Then, sit in my meditation space with nice blanket and pillow for comfort. If the sun shining I’ll position myself to receive its beautiful rays and sun gaze. My morning meditations are a priority for my day to start. Here, I express my gratitude for the unique and beautiful day ahead of me. I set my intentions out to the universe for the things I want to achieve this day. I may say, “today I make it my intention to be in a state of peace amongst chaos around me”. It all depends on my daily schedule and what my heart is telling me.


Here, I also do some praying; asking for clarity, guidance, and assistance from Spirit. Then, I close my eyes and meditate. My meditations look different daily; sometimes I’ll listen to a guided morning meditation, a frequency, I’ll play my singing bowl, or I’ll opt for complete silence. There’s no time limit for my meditations; this is where I let my spirit guide me to whatever emotion, inspiration, or creation is for me to feel. I let my thoughts flow if they want to or I’ll find stillness. No matter what, here is where I always leave with inspiration, guidance, ideas, and or gratitude for the day ahead of me. This is where I find my center, my peace, and fill my spiritual energy with love.

2. Affirmations/Journal


I take this opportunity to gather my mental energy which includes all that I see and hear. I tidy up my space, including making my bed, while at the same time filling my thoughts with positive affirmations. Our mental energy is connected to our atmosphere; I let my mind hear and see things that take me to the mental space I need to be in. Sometimes I’ll stretch, do some yoga poses, and breathing techniques as well!


My favorite form of affirmations is listening to them. Sometimes I listen to morning affirmations pieced together by other creative artist, but mostly I listen to my own personal affirmations. I play a recording on my phone of me saying my affirmations aloud (in present tense “I am”) with a binaural beat in the background.


I have a journal full of affirmations I write down on different days for specific things such as hair affirmations, affirmations for the mind, and career affirmations. These are also what I read from to create my voice recordings.

I pick a page; whatever flows and begin reading those affirmations saying them along with the recording or just reading them in my head. Either way I say all of my affirmations with power, positive emotion, and faith; like I truly believe them, not like Im just saying them for fun. I attach and feel a emotion I receive from that affirmations and imagine myself acting on or possessing that affirmation.


Sometimes in the morning I’ll even write new affirmations. If i had an inspiring dream that stuck with me, I may write a few new affirmations down. Sometimes I won’t write down affirmations at all. I’ll let my morning thoughts flow onto paper effortlessly. Maybe I’ll interpret the dream I had or even write down a new idea or person that came to me in my dream.

3. Beauty Routine


This is my time to show self love and care to my physical energy. I take my sweet time with this. My morning hygiene and beauty routine consist of teeth brushing, skin care, and hair care. During this time I show myself mad love. Speaking beauty into my cells while rubbing Shea Butter into my skin, rubbing oils in my hair, and using my Gua Sha.

After I’m all gathered I dress myself for the day.

4. Music

In the morning, I love playing music after I listen to my affirmations up until I start work. Music sets the vibe for the entire day and just puts me in a good mood. It allows me to dance and get my body moving, which activates love in my physical energy. Also, because I can’t listen to music without singing along, my throat chakra is free and open with high vibrations at the start of my day. This is also another way I fill my mental energy with love by what I’m hearing. I have a morning music playlist which consist of upbeat, positive, and grateful energy. Listening to these songs starts my day off litty.

5. Lemon/Lime Water + Supplements


The first thing I put in my body is water; a cleansing of physical and emotional energy. Water is life, it conforms to the vibrations around it; so, I speak words of love into my water and ask it to cleanse my physical and emotional energy. This is another way to implement Ayurveda into my morning routine.

Along with my morning water, I like to fill my body with nourishing vitamins and minerals before any foods. The supplements I take vary; Im always trying new herbs. So far I enjoy choosing from Black Seed Oil, Chlorella, Spirulina, a Turmeric and Ginger shot, Vitamin B-Complex, bladderwrack, or Irish Sea Moss.

6. Eat a Healthy Breakfast


Ideally, I go for a RAW breakfast with fresh life force fruits and fresh pressed juice to truly fill me with a high vibration in my physical body. However, completely raw doesn’t always happen; sometimes I eat granola, an oatmeal bowl, or a avocado toast. Still nutritious, which is all that matters.

Along with my breakfast I ALWAYS, 100% of the time, have my tea. Whether it’s green or herbal, tea is an absolute must for the morning before the adventure of the day awaits! After I sit with my hot cup of magic, I’m finally ready to take on the day.


Now I’ll be honest, sometimes none of this happens, I’ll skip some steps, or do everything out of order. Every morning does not go perfectly planned; sometimes I oversleep, wake up in a bad mood, or simply don’t feel like partaking in such a long routine. However, that’s the beauty of life and I embrace it!

Try some of these steps in your morning routine and see what what they do for you!


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