Affirmations and Meditation For Releasing Anxiety

Whenever I feel that inner restlessness,

that strive for something outside of me,

that urge, and seeking for something to distract me.

When I feel the need to engage in something of the external world,

just to distract me from feeling my inner world.

That is ANXIETY.

An unfulfilled restlessness inside of me,

that seems unable to be distracted.

When I’m feeling this feeling, understand it’s okay.

Understand I can release this feeling.

When I feel this anxiety within, this means I have fear or worry about the future.

I need to go within.

What am I fearful of in my future?

What am I nervous about in my future?

What am I thinking about my future?

As I think about these things filling my mind,

I am taking a deep breathe.

I am releasing these fears.

I am releasing all worry with every exhale.

I understand that the future is perfectly aligned.

The universe, my angles, my ancestors, and all light surround me everyday.

I am guided through my future.

Every situation, every person, and every place is a collection of divinely guided experiences,

Guiding me toward unconditional love.

So, I am releasing all restlessness, worry, and fearful thoughts or beliefs about my future.

I am here right now.

I am safe.

I am joyful,

I am at peace,

right now.

Right now in this present moment is exactly where I need to be.