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3.14 Open Journal Series:5.30.2020

On my last entry I spoke a little about allergies. How they could be the reason for a sore throat but I sorta stopped associating myself with allergies. I stopped believing they were actually a thing because my theory was that they are manmade. In my brain I have this theory that it starts from vaccination as babies, those ingredients injected into us create different deficits including allergies and poor eyesight, amongst other things. Then, as those allergies develop, we take allergy medicine to keep them going. Because for me, once I stopped taking allergy medicine I didn’t suffer as much. So, I assumed this allergy shit was all manmade, another part of the system, and another angle of preventing us from unlocking our full form. 

My friend asked me the other day what I thought about allergies. I told her my theory, but then I thought about how nature and all reality is just a projection of us. Therefore, everything mirrors us, everything we love, fear, reject, and have any reactions to. So, allergies could very well be keys. Like natures way of showing us what our body rejects and is fearful of. Once we look at the symbolism of what we’re allergic of; the color and over all energy. We can see it’s our body and nature showing us what we need to heal. Now, do I still stand by my theory, absolutely. But this just reminds me everything is never one sided. It’s always a spiritual component and a physical (earthly) component, there’s always a light and dark side. 

This goes back to when a few entries back I mentioned how the reality of this corona, pizzagate, and all the shit going down in the world right now seems so dark and so evil. Yet, it’s all divine. It’s all apart of the yin yang. It’s everything, the duality of reality that light is birthed from darkness, we must crumble before we rise, we must feel pain before we create life, and experience love. We need both sides of the spectrum. Once you embrace The Cycle you see how much darkness increases our light and find gratitude for it, therefore accepting it as a necessary part of life. 

The fact that there are two sides of the yin and yang that make a whole means it’s all one. It’s all spirit, divine, apart of us, the world, and the universe. 

So, though I do often blame a demographic, a nation, and selected families ruling the world for all the darkness on earth. Which is probably true.. ultimately It’s all spirits work. The greatest and toughest to grasp realization I’ve had is that what we know as good and evil, light and dark, God and Satan, heaving and hell, yin and yang are all one. We’ve just given names to two opposing energies that are the the duality of reality. All apart of life. All one. 

“Heaven and hell if you know you that shit is beautiful.” 

Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo

Nala Asa Shakur

Nala Asa Shakur formerly known as Tyler A. Norman is the CEO & Founder of The All Natural, Hostess of the world wide podcast, #TTALK , and author of Love Starts Here. She’s a creator & healer serving through various facets of artistry. Her forms of expression range all the way from visual & performing arts, kitchen alchemy, to creative writing and directing. Through her work and her rising movement, #Naturalisthewaytoglow™, she inspires and assist others with self-love, holistic healing, and finding a true inner glow.

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