Defining the Values of Self

January 2nd, 2022 By Sol DelaLuz

What matters most to us gives us our essential drive in life. This can be found between the lines in conversation, or in your own manifested creation. Our actions reveal the truth of our nature. Therefore what we value as individuals determines what we do with every action we take, whether we are aware of that or not. The miracle is in the shift in perspective.

Being able to hold this awareness can help us transform how we spend our greatest resource, time.

Value is defined as, “the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.” What we value for ourselves, is the fuel to what we do with ourselves. You will come to find how the masses are valuing themselves based on the ideas of others. The masses swim in the mainstream, so this message may not reach them. But what was once one man’s trash, can be another’s treasure. I’m recycling old ideas to new readers. This is an example of alchemizing value.

As we grow as individual beings, we will continue to realize we are on our singular journey. We will always have people + places + things in our lives, that may mean the world to us. But no matter how much we love others, we will never stop advancing on our mission given to us by source. 

Value is more vibrational than it is physical. Yes, everything physical has some type of value to it, but the question is, what’s it worth to you? Your sense of what is valuable, to you, is held in your heart, before it is fully appreciated in your hands. Value is a concept that we can use to trade time, energy, and attention with. 

To be alive is to believe in something. The way you value your beliefs determines the way you experience the light of life. Meaning, the way you respect your beliefs will be shown in the way you live your light. The flame of the spirit thrives on what is ritual in our lives. The actions you consistently take will show you how you believe in yourself. Ritual is an opportunity for discipline; an understanding of faith. 

“The way you value your beliefs determines the way you experience the light of life.”

Physically and metaphorically, this experience of living is pure magic. You have been given a body that grows and can heal itself. You have been given the blessing of waking up in a world where beauty is defined by one’s own innerstanding of it. It’s in this life where we get to be the judge of ourselves. 

We must determine what is most valuable to us about this life. When clarity is drawn up for the child’s mind to observe, we then will live in our purpose. 

“When you want to see someone’s heart, look at their actions.”

True value comes from one’s love of self. Love is explored through the bridge of understanding. Through innerstanding, we are able to gather more information about who exactly we are. Why is beauty in the eye of the beholder? Because without someone to hold the value, there would be no beauty. Without you observing, there would be no observation. This is natural law, look up the observer’s effect. Grasping this helps us see the importance of taking care of all aspects of Self. To take care of Self is to love the source, from which everything comes from. This is why true value comes from one’s love of self. 

The way we take care of ourselves sets the tone for everything we relate with in the “outside world”. Whether it’s a romantic relationship, a friendship, family, a random person, or a place,   “treat yourself as you wish to be treated”; this is a core principle of value. 

One may never be truly adorned, respected, and honored by someone else until we have done it for ourselves first. This gives us the experience of creation expressed at the level of love we deserve. Willing desires into manifestation, from a place of pure love. This is beyond the independence of being able to love yourself wholly. We are tapping into the interdependence of that love being reciprocated by the universe in every moment. 

Embodying the royal ways of a sovereign being. This shines light on defining the values of Self.

Sol DelaLuz

Sol is a producer of life force energy, experienced in many mediums of art. From fashion design, architectural design, culinary arts and more, Sol is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Living as a freelance entrepreneur, Sol travels the world providing his offerings and services globally. He found greater value in designing his own life rather than working for someone else. This led to him creating his own solar system of spirit-led brands and companies. What motivates Sol the most is the natural world, in all its complexities. Studying nature everyday has shown him the simplicity in creation. Grounded in his sense of purpose, Sol has found solace in his practice of creation.

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