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Sol to Sol | Perspective and Attitude

January 16th, 2022

“When we have a greater awareness of that which we are, we can begin to move, operate, and strategize how we want to thrive in this world.”

In order to fully grasp the power of these principles, we have to break down the foundation by which they stand on.

To be a conscious creator of the now moment and the reality you’re living. I trust this message will find you in perfect timing on your journey of awareness.

Behind the glass curtain of truth you’ll come to find that you are creating your reality by simply observing it. Past generations of thought are too old and outdated to host this idea of creation. This is a very special idea that has yet to reach the masses, if it ever will. The old paradigm didn’t support the software update were being tuned to now, that’s why Babylon has fallen. Through the observer’s effect one can now grasp the power of Self. People are discovering the connection in which this external reality is completely projected from their internal livity. Therefore whenever we talk about perspective & attitude, we are dealing with consciousness.

Perception can be simply defined as a point of view. The vision within the way you are positioned to see, beyond what is shown. 

Attitude is defined as, “a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something”. Your attitude is a part of the way you emote your being outwardly. Your attitude will reflect in your behavior and actions. 

Every move we make in life starts way before it manifests in physical form. From an elevated perspective, all of life is a butterfly effect of one’s vibrational disposition. We naturally position ourselves within a frequency of thought that we can cognitively perceive and understand. From thought you have words. Words lead to action and action creates change. Or is it change that creates action? We could go in circles all day long about which came first, the chicken or the egg, the man or the woman, light or darkness. The solution to all the runaround is to always go back and study the root by which the tree grew. 

Consciousness is the root of creation. It has only been our perception of the “I am” that has stopped us from experiencing the complete truth of our being. Our perception of the “I am” is fractal in the way it plays out in our lives. Our persunal beliefs reign supreme as the bounds by which we operate. Perception can be a double edged sword. Perception gives the ego an idea to toy with. This can be beneficial when you are selflessly open to understanding what you’re perceiving. However, I’ve noticed how this can be harmful when it is approached selfishly, consciously and subconsciously. Our own perception can wrap itself around our minds, paralyzing Self in a time loop of wonder. You ever found yourself caught up daydreaming about a fantasy for an extended period of time? Or maybe you’ve allowed your mind to scroll through the feed of social media with no end in sight. When we are loose with our perception, it will show up in how we use our cosmic currency, our attention. It’s important to remember the value of time and our attention towards it.

The idea of time has become one of our greatest resources. We have developed our livity around the values of Self. From having defined the importance of the values of Self in my last post, we can now advance into the power of perception and attitude.

Your perspective has the power to shift time. Time is relative, meaning time is a concept that varies depending on one’s relation to it. In other words, your perspective is what defines the value of time. 

Your attitude is the manifestation of your energy in motion. Your emotions thrive from the attitude we continue to feed. 

It’s almost as if your attitude is the sails to your ship, while your perspective is the steering mechanism. Your attitude is the potential energy that your universe responds to instantly. As your sails, your emotional flow determines the speed at which you sail. From your perspective, you have the power to steer clear from choppy waters and coast right in to a smooth flow. Notice how these powers work hand in hand getting you from origin to destination. They are your superpowers because you are the capitán of your own ship. You get to decide where and how you want to experience the journey of life.

We live in a consciousness based reality. 

We somehow magically wake up from darkness every rising. We rise from the shadows of the subconscious mind and in to the light of matter. 

Everything we determine to be real or unreal, is from our own perspective of identity. Beyond all the scientific studies that have been done, we are appearing here through the universal engine of consciousness. If you need scientific proof to accommodate your disbelief, research the observers affect, the holographic illusion, and the hermetic principles. These are key lessons for every mind to grasp. 

This is an angle of truth to the human being. The changes that have been going on throughout society with the way the collective is growing, feels like the grand unveiling of the truth between the lines. But it’s only just the beginning. This new update in consciousness that’s going around the planet is being uploaded in to the minds of the people. When we have a greater awareness of that which we are, we can begin to move, operate, and strategize how we want to thrive in this world.  

The way you perceive reality and the way you respond to it will always be one of the greatest keys to keep in your toolbox-of-consciousness.

The shift in perspective is literally the game changer. The miracle is in the shift of perspective. Everything changes when you are open to detaching from what you felt about whatever it was you were observing. The miracle of change is in our inner shift of attachment to detachment. When we can release the grip in our attitude and let our energy flow like water, we become the state of change. The flow state is mathematical yet very forgiving.

Imagine this. There’s 86,400 seconds in a day. What if everyday your time to live came in the currency of $86,400 to spend everyday, but then the account is wiped clean every night, yet you got a new bag of $86,400 every morning.. See naturally you would make the most of that 86k by spending all of it, every single day. Someway & somehow you would strategize the best way to spend every penny, because you knew you wouldn’t get it back… The miracle is in the shift in perspective. Imagine if we put that much value in to time itself, rather than any other form of currency. By simply living our lives, spending our attention on what matters is exactly the same game, just a different currency.

The openness of your perspective and attitude determine your ability to leverage different scenarios and outcomes in life. Leveraging your cosmic currency is a gift we’ve been conditioned to forget about. Now is the time to allow your awareness to float into this clarity, in order to regain your inner superpowers. Perceive the now moment with an open mind and feel in to unconditional gratitude. This alone will take you farther than you’ve ever traveled through the cosmos. This new found awareness will take you deeper in to the knowing of Self.

Sol DelaLuz

Sol is a producer of life force energy, experienced in many mediums of art. From fashion design, architectural design, culinary arts and more, Sol is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Living as a freelance entrepreneur, Sol travels the world providing his offerings and services globally. He found greater value in designing his own life rather than working for someone else. This led to him creating his own solar system of spirit-led brands and companies. What motivates Sol the most is the natural world, in all its complexities. Studying nature everyday has shown him the simplicity in creation. Grounded in his sense of purpose, Sol has found solace in his practice of creation

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