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Sol to Sol | Principles of Growth pt.1

Sunday, February 6th

“A real man pays no mind to these facets of life until he deliberately creates the space for them. He is too focused on the function of himself at his highest, within his work ethic.” 

There is a divine ordinance to a boys creation of his growing Self. Timing that’s specific to each individual yet applicable to us all. Anything forced will fail and nature’s genius will continue to prevail. If we zoom out, we will be able to see how everyday is a small moment that pushes the youth forward. But in a mans world, everyday is an opportunity to deliver change. A boy has many self generated character defining moments when he is a lot younger. Adults find it easy to hide within complacency in order to avoid humility. But this only adds weight to the shadow work that has to be done for those on their journey. It is the humility that creates us to be more flexible in our strength as men. 

A growing boy recognizes the importance of tangible experience. Wether he made a fool of himself at the school dance, or confessed his feelings to a girl in front of his homies, he needed to experience his emotions hands on. At a young age, the attributes of the lower three chakras will be very common in the desires he manifests. This is apart of the ordinance of growth that we all naturally endure. From experiencing the lower parts of ourselves thoroughly, we are guided to a new level within. 

A man does not attach himself to the idea but stays grounded in principle. He may do this consciously or subconsciously, but certainly naturally. A boy’s expanded sense of self will come most naturally when he is given the space to guide his own thoughts, and focus. Often times, the city environment we live in have been designed to distract us from our true selves. Every company wants you to focus on connecting with them; every product wants your attention. This can be applicable to anything and everything that’s cultivated within these man made environments. These are all unsustainable ideas compared to a mans true purpose. A mans true purpose is one with what is eternal. The elements of life.

Ideas are not eternal until they are realized through your actions. The principles that shaped the mind to receive the thought is what’s eternal. Therefore the principle is eternal. Ideas evolve in order to serve the mind. At times, one may get caught up in the ideas they’ve created because their heart is so focused on the principle. Ideas are the manifestation of our point of curiosity and its part of the process to let them go when necessary. They show us how our kinetic energy can easily turn in to potential energy, crystallized in to a manifested thought or way of being. Let go of your ideas if they are no longer serving the mind; the mind only seeks to serve the source from which it came. 

The world of distractions wants to be on your priority list. The state of distraction is an entire world, designed by boys, as a test of his own will. A real man surpasses these tests easily because he’s focused on providing for the world. Wether it’s for his beloved, his family, his job, or for himself, the entirety of that world he lives in, lives in his mind.  

They say it’s not the adversity that defines a man, but how he responds to it.

 A man is mature in his response yet childish in his forgiveness. A true man does not have time to dwell on any wrongdoing, falsehood, or mischief. When faced with adversity, you will see a mans true strength. The deepest core of his wisdom will surface, and flow like water. A mans true strength is defined by how flexible he can be. Truly, a mans greatest weakness could be his own idea of great strength. When you are rooted in the false, it’s easy to snap like dry wood. What is strength without mobility? What is vitality without endurance?

A person goes from a boy to man the same way fruit trees grow. They start their first 5 years focused on embracing the environment. They stand solid in the soil yet produce no fruit. It is simply not the trees time to produce fruit. The beginning period of a trees life determines its ability to cultivate fruit. The frost teaches the tree how to stay warm. The sunshine teaches the tree how to stay hydrated. The winds that blow all morning teach the tree true strength by embracing flexibility.

On the journey of growing from a boy to a man, your spectrum of value begins to shift. Your perception of time will shift based off of your relation to your actions. You begin to value time of productivity more than stillness. Inner conversations seem more selfless and outer conversations become more activating. You will start to focus more on the quality of function rather than the quality of appearance.

The minds of others are conditioned by the mainstream flow of thought. Most of the world is ignited and moved by a surface level experience. Society taught us to value what’s temporary so they can provide us with new annual trends for us to spend money and energy on. The fashion industry, sports industry, television and entertainment industry as a whole are focused on the quality of appearance. These are all now closely related to a humans heart space because of how affected people feel within these arenas of thought. A real man pays no mind to these facets of life until he deliberately creates the space for them. He is too focused on the function of himself at his highest, within his work ethic. 

You are allowed zero complaints as a man. You either get it done, or let it go. Develop a plan of action and release all contrasting thoughts. Having the mental bandwidth to offer complaints to the universe goes against the essence of your nature. Masculinity is consciousness, awareness. The highest state of awareness is gratitude therefore complaining is for boys. The nature of masculine energy is to direct the ship of God to its destination.

Every man has a mission. When a community is closely related, the mission is shared by all the men in the community. This is a divine reminder to stay connected with source and open in communication to all the friends and family. Community is an ital ingredient of our experience of Self. Enjoy and embrace where you are on the journey.

Sol DelaLuz

Sol is a producer of life force energy, experienced in many mediums of art. From fashion design, architectural design, culinary arts and more, Sol is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Living as a freelance entrepreneur, Sol travels the world providing his offerings and services globally. He found greater value in designing his own life rather than working for someone else. This led to him creating his own solar system of spirit-led brands and companies. What motivates Sol the most is the natural world, in all its complexities. Studying nature everyday has shown him the simplicity in creation. Grounded in his sense of purpose, Sol has found solace in his practice of creation

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