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Sol to Sol |Principles of Growth pt.2

“Most people don’t know what their genius is capable of because of how their environment has been controlled to limit their knowing and their belief in knowledge.”

Every day we are given two things, a chance and a choice. The magick of nature gave us another day to explore these gifts. This is another opportunity to change what we’re choosing for ourselves.

With the way the system is built, most of all our choices we make are suggested from the previous awareness of the conditioned mind. The conditions we’ve created within society have tainted the ways we choose what’s best for our individual selves. This day and age it’s so easy for a conditioned mind to remain docile and complacent in the face of truth. Most people don’t know what their genius is capable of because of how their environment has been controlled to limit their knowing and their belief in knowledge.

There’s no question about it, those who created our living environment seek to control our minds above all else. Any salesmen knows that if they have a customer convinced, they can bamboozle them for an eternity. It’s not until the customer ascertains what is best for their livelihood — without the suggested opinion of the salesmen — for them to experience the sovereign state of mind. The system that built these cities and living environments would be the salesmen in this example. They are selling us freedom on a leash that is bound by many different contracts we all were forcibly signed in to at birth. In exchange we pay them with our time and life force energy. To the conditioned mind, this is a beautiful exchange because there are so many amenities and attractions they’ve developed for us to enjoy within their system. But for all those reading between the lines, we find how our life isn’t worth living if we give it all up just to fuel someone else’s freedom.

Are we thriving in these systems they’ve built? Are “they” actually “us”, appearing as a lower consciousness in my mind? If they’ve lead past generations to believe their lies, am I going to perpetuate the same complacency?

These are some of the questions that come to mind when I began to travel upwards in consciousness. As I was making a conscious distinction between the systems that I’ve been serving vs the system that serves me best, my belief in community leaders dissolved in to thin air. I turned to all the different thought leaders in the world, seeking support for my internal uprising. I quickly realized how the mind operates within a spectrum of belief. Most leaders are focused on symptom management rather than the real solution. Everyone’s plan involved us continuing to live in the same ways that oppress us subconsciously. The leaders of the old paradigm still have the dollar on their mind. Everyone has a brand but not everyone has a plan.  Some people have stronger faith in what is unseen compared to others. Some people have more trust in the universal laws than in the laws of observed science. More and more people are unshackling the conditions that were placed on the subconscious mind through the conscious choices they make.

All the above is objective truth I’ve sifted and collected from my subjective experience. This is a simplified snapshot in to the understanding of the collective conscience. In the old paradigm, we limited ourselves from the way we saw Self and source. We are alive in the state of being we are in because of the beliefs we’ve practiced habitually and faithfully. Almost evert black man you ask wouldn’t admit or has yet to recognize how he is operating as a domesticated version of himself. The world of truth has been sleep for as long as the lies have been valued.

There is nothing new under the sun, yet this conscious uprising that’s happening on the planet feels very refreshing. Elevation feels familiar when you’re grounded in truth. It’s important to recognize how we are the generation of humanity that breaks every curse, bad habit, and conditioned trait that our lower mind tried to pass on to us. Generations of families were born in to the old paradigm. This consists of people being raised in an environment that doesn’t support their greatest well-being. With us now astrologically stepping in to this Aquarius age of information, we can research the details of everything around us. Through research, study, and experimentation, we can find solutions to any problem.

Now that we are aware of the ways we have been living in relation to source energy, we can now focus clearly on where we are headed. As much people that are still being brought directly in to the old paradigm state of mind, there is an exponential amount of people growing in awareness of the new paradigm. The vibration of awareness is amplified naturally because truth vibrates at a certain frequency. Clear the storage on your phone and now you can receive more messages, download more songs, and purchase more apps. This is the same for our body, mind, and soul. They are all their own vessels, while at the same time being aspects of the one vessel we call Self. As we empty all that we have stored up in our bodies (processed food), mind (junk knowledge), and soul (unhealthy energy), we can receive and resonate with truth at a much greater rate. 

Personally I am very excited to see my black brothers and sisters rise up in their knowledge of Self. Melanin is the soul of God. It is used for the amplification of source energy. It has been unconsciously abused in society simply by the way we commune with source as melanated beings. The way we use our life force energy and what we serve with our sacred energy is powered by the melanin within us. Now that we consciously seek better health with our livity, we will be using our god body to activate this upliftment across the globe. Coming together, using our brilliant soul essence to create a sustainable world for all of us to thrive in. This is where we are headed. This is what we are creating.

Sol DelaLuz

Sol is a producer of life force energy, experienced in many mediums of art. From fashion design, architectural design, culinary arts and more, Sol is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Living as a freelance entrepreneur, Sol travels the world providing his offerings and services globally. He found greater value in designing his own life rather than working for someone else. This led to him creating his own solar system of spirit-led brands and companies. What motivates Sol the most is the natural world, in all its complexities. Studying nature everyday has shown him the simplicity in creation. Grounded in his sense of purpose, Sol has found solace in his practice of creation

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