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Cilantro Lime Rice Special

Easy, quick, and delicious

I sauced up this new dish for a private chef client & I knew it was gonna be a hit. They loved it so much they literally were asking for more before they ate the other courses of their dinner !

This one is simple & great for intermediate culinarians. The immaculate taste will keep you coming back to make this every week!

Serving Size

Serves 2-4 people. Double recipe for more servings.

Cook Time

Prep 10 mins

Cook 30 mins


3 cups of rice of choice (I used jasmine)

1 cup of diced red potatoes

1/4 cup of organic capers

1/4 cup of lime juice

2 tablespoons of cilantro (dried or freshly chopped is fine)

1/2 tablespoons of parsley

1/2 tablespoon of pink himalayan salt

1/2 tablespoons of old bay seasoning

2 tablespoons of garlic powder

sprinkle of black pepper


1. Add rice to a pot of boiling water & cook on low heat for 15 mins until rice is firm yet fluffy.

2. Heat a pan/ skillet on medium heat.

3. Add grapeseed oil & potatoes.

4. Once potatoes start to brown a bit add the capers.

5. Sauté on medium heat until potatoes are slightly crispy. Add seasonings to the potatoes & take off the heat.

6. (Optional) whisk together vegan mayo, hot sauce, old bay seasoning, parsley, sprinkle of salt.

7. Plate up. Add the rice to plate, add sauce on plate, add the potatoes & capers on top of rice.

8. Eat & enjoy!

This is the recipe I used to make this Cilantro Lime Rice Special. Add this to your weekly rotation!

Chef Lonnie.G

I am Chef Lonnie.G I have been Vegan for 5 years & been building my chef brand since 2019. I have always had a love for cooking & baking ever since I was a young teenager. I have Carribean roots & alot of meals are inspired by what I ate growing up & the different places I have traveled through out my life. I’m always looking to expand, experiment, & teach new ways on how to expand our palates & still eat healthy meals. I have a variety services I offer such as Meal Prep, Private Chef, Virtual Cooking Classes.

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