Serving Self

We are experiencing an interesting time here on the planet in regards to consciousness. We all have individual devices where we can share information, knowledge, and our personal experience instantaneously across the globe. We have uncovered and shared more information in this digital age than we will even be able to process in our lifetime.  […]

Principles of Growth pt.2

Every day we are given two things, a chance and a choice. The magick of nature gave us another day to explore these gifts. This is another opportunity to change what we’re choosing for ourselves. With the way the system is built, most of all our choices we make are suggested from the previous awareness […]

2.22.22 Reflection

Throughout my life, source has been calling on me in many ways. As a child I was confused on how to respond to this calling that felt like the voice of my ancestors. Of course I was too young to even understand what that means, but nonetheless I always heard this call from what felt […]

Principles of Growth pt.1

Sunday, February 6th There is a divine ordinance to a boys creation of his growing Self. Timing that’s specific to each individual yet applicable to us all. Anything forced will fail and nature’s genius will continue to prevail. If we zoom out, we will be able to see how everyday is a small moment that […]

Perspective and Attitude

January 16th, 2022 In order to fully grasp the power of these principles, we have to break down the foundation by which they stand on. To be a conscious creator of the now moment and the reality you’re living. I trust this message will find you in perfect timing on your journey of awareness. Behind […]

Defining the Values of Self

January 2nd, 2022 By Sol DelaLuz What matters most to us gives us our essential drive in life. This can be found between the lines in conversation, or in your own manifested creation. Our actions reveal the truth of our nature. Therefore what we value as individuals determines what we do with every action we […]

Seeded Watermelon Juice with a Twist

Next time you feel called to have some fresh fruit juice, consider the benefits of naturally enhancing the properties and nutrients in the juice. Fruit juices are meant to be simple and easy on the digestion, this is why we only added light and simple ingredients to complement the fruit. Combined with wild harvested sea […]

Plant Based Protein Packed Berry Muffins

Sponsored by Sacred Sun Cooperative Farm fresh, nutrient packed ingredients give these muffins all the strength they need! The story behind the flour used in this recipe is that Sacred Sun Co-op grew winter peas right next to the rye at their farm. When it was time to harvest the rye, the crop of peas […]

Plant Based French Toast with a Twist!

Today we bring you a refreshing take on a classic breakfast dish, french toast. Made with fresh milled, local bread from two different bakeries here in town. One loaf is a simple whole wheat, similar to the regular store bough loaves, while the other is loaded with dried fruit and walnuts. Freshly ground spices add […]

Just Egg Plant-Based Quiche

This plant based Quiche will surely impress your friends and family when it comes to quality and taste. Fresh ingredients providing fresh flavor. We are using a store bought, plant-based egg replacer called, “Just. Egg” for this beautiful dish. It’s primarily made from mung beans which bring a great amount of protein to the dish. […]