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3.14 Open Journal Series: 3.14.2020

March 14, first mercury retrograde of 2020 shadow period. Entering the Age of Aquarius. A paradigm shift from separation to unison; fear toward more love, and clarity. Death and rebirth. Crumble and collapse. My higher self told me in my dream to start creating from all this chaos so I’m documenting my experience. 

I’m experiencing things from a higher prospective. The world is shifting right before my physical eyes but my real eye can see right through it all. I have an inner wisdom, a knowing, and connection to the truth.

So far 5G has been a thing. Since our ever so impatient society wants faster data we are creating 5G towers. But with quicker internet and call roaming comes more radiation. Radiation quite higher than 4G which is already an outrageous amount. But I know it’s not just about faster internet, there’s always deeper plots and underground business taking place. So far there’s been theories on what these amounts of radiation will do to our world and reflectively, us. Some say the radiation will begin killing trees, causing them to rot. Along with it severely effecting our brain function and evaporating a large amount of water in our bodies.

I say… if it’s rotting trees and frying our brains it’s meant to hit us from all angles. I’m sure 5G makes us more addicted to our phones, the quicker the better. We’re being filled with dopamine. We’re getting attention and information faster and faster, easier too. Making our technology an addictive drug. I’m talking from experience as my phone has been sucking my energy through it’s black mirror. This could be to keep our mental energy occupied, distracted, and controlled. I’m sure the radiation in the air is effecting the environment which correlates with our mental energy. Our water, which is our emotional energy and beyond. Ultimately it’s an attempt to keep the collective at a low vibration. Even an attempt at depopulation. Tipping the scales more toward fear than love. It’s a resistance. Dark resisting light.

Supposedly these towers were first built in China, Wuhan to be exact. Recently an outbreak of a virus called Covid19 broke out in China shutting cities down. Causing travel bans and recommendations of returning home for those American traveling in China. It wasn’t a huge deal, because hey China is super far away. Through news channels Americans were told all is well for US. We were told WE were good but lowkey given a over exaggerated story of tragedy for those in Asia. Because of this, I believed, I observed Americans beginning to pay close eye to differences again. Differences which separate us. Side eyes to those with Asian futures. 

Within the span a a few months suddenly the world has been outbreaking in this so called virus. The media has fed us death stories and numbers Without giving out info on recovery. They sold us the idea that this “virus” is spreading faster than ever and is more dangerous than not. The president however has sold the idea it’s all a faux. Let me also mention the current president, Trump, recently went under an impeachment trial for connecting with Russia to rig the 2016 election. Bringing along all sorts of bafoonery. Some action movie shit right? Right. Oh, and let me also mention America killed one of Iran’s most important figures. So, we are also awaiting reaction from them. It’s being predicted they will launch a cyber attack on America. Life is crazy. 

Anyway, the news and socials, email, marketing, all forms of media have spread this information quicker than ever. Frequently covering it to condition the mind. To plant the information in the mind and more importantly to plant fear of the information in the mind. We can see how much influence the media had over us by the way the collective is responding. We’re panicking. Now, as this virus has so called spread to tons of other countries, causing countries to completely shut down. The collective is panicking. We’re being told the virus has spread all the way here to the U.S in tons of states. Trump has declared a national emergency, schools are closed, universities as well. Concerts are cancelled. Large events are banned. People are wiping the grocery stores clean. Panic buying non perishable food. Preparing for a quarantine. 

What I see seems more like fear than a virus thats affecting everyone. Fear is what attracts extremely low vibrations and causes sickness. Similar yet an opposition to The Placebo Affect, it seems like more people are getting this illness by fearing it. Because a sick body is just a body at a low vibration, in fear mode. Those who are supposedly dying from it are already in a very low vibration. Adding more fear only results in death as the vibration has reached its lowest it can survive as a human. Who knows maybe these people “getting sick” could be made up numbers. Maybe what’s causing these symptoms is all 5G. Maybe the virus is real and was actually created in a lab to react with 5G ultimately for population control.

What ever the the root creation of this virus is ultimately this is Mother Earth cleansing herself, detoxing. She’s ridding her energy field of low vibrations, old paradigms, and those attached to them. When I get sick, I am moving low vibrations up and through my body to come clean and begin anew. Mother Earth is doing this, what happens to earth is a reflection of our physical energy bodies. So, we as a collective are cleansing low vibrations up and through us ultimately for a death of an old paradigm and a rebirth of a new world. The age of Aquarius.

Given all of this it’s easy to see these low vibrations as evil entities leading all of shit. They are most definitely the darker side of the yin yang. Yet, the yin is not complete without the yang. We need fear to have love, we need dark and light, we’re a human and a spirit, ego and soul. In order to transform we must die and be rebirthed. These are the laws of the universe, this is the cycle of life, creation of us, and the entire universe. So, although all these tragedies happening are seemingly dark and evil, it’s all divine. It’s all apart of the cycle. 

The universe is shifting itself and I am experiencing it all. But instead of being drowned in it all and controlled by the fear. I am aware. I see what’s happening, I see the beauty in it all. Because of this I am love. I have an inner knowing which allows me to not absorb but observe the shift. I’ve already shifted, my prospective sees the higher reason for this all and I’m so incredibly grateful for my view. I went through my own inner death and rebirth of myself for the last few years so I could be prepared for this. So I could be a warrior and help lead the collective toward awakening a new age. I’m forever grateful for my role. 

Nala Asa Shakur

Tyler A. Norman who now goes by Nala Asa Shakur is the CEO of The All Natural as well as the author of Love Starts Here. She’s a multifaceted creator & healer serving through various forms of artistry. Her ways of expression range from being an author, philosopher, model, holistic health guide, creative director, to a Kitchen alchemist . Through her work and her movement, #Naturalisthewaytoglow™, she inspires and assist others with personal growth, self-love, holistic healing, and finding an inner glow.

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3.14 Open Journal Series: Intro

Intro to 3.14; an open journal series with each new blog being a journal entry from a specific day. There is no schedule nor specific topic. It is only a form of open and authentic self expression identical to how I would express myself in a journal. Only I’m opening it up for the world to follow along. The journal starts on 3.14.2020 yet there is no ending; it continuous infinitely through my journey in this life and hopefully after I’m gone. There will be observations, lessons, channeled spiritual messages, and experiences amongst whatever this open journal grows into. Follow along for a deep look into my perception of reality. 

3.14 is not only the day I first began documenting this open journal, it is also the number for Pi which is an irrational and transcendental number calculated by Archimedes of Syracuse, a Greek mathemetition. According to Archimedes Pi continues infinitely, it has no form of repetition nor pattern. We use 3.14 to calculate the perimeter (circumference) of a circle 2•Pi•r or Pi•D. No matter how large or small any given circle is, the energy we use to make sense of its circumference remains the same.

In numerology 314 breaks down to a combination of the meaning of all 3 numbers.

3 = Self expression, communication, expansion, and creativity. 

1 = Divinity, independence, intuition, initiation, and new beginnings.  

4 = Determination, practicality, adaptability, wisdom, and foundations. 

All in all, every lesson we encounter in life always comes around full circle. Those circles are infinite in number and distance; we keep coming back around to a deeper meaning. No matter the size of the lesson, how much energy it holds, the way we calculate how it comes all the way around remains the same. The energy of 3.14; self expression, creativity, divinity, intuition, wisdom, adaptation, and determination. 

Nala Asa Shakur

Tyler A. Norman who now goes by Nala Asa Shakur is the CEO of The All Natural as well as the author of Love Starts Here. She’s a multifaceted creator & healer serving through various forms of artistry. Her ways of expression range from being an author, philosopher, model, holistic health guide, creative director, to a Kitchen alchemist . Through her work and her movement, #Naturalisthewaytoglow™, she inspires and assist others with personal growth, self-love, holistic healing, and finding an inner glow.

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Why We Should Listen to Our Intuition: Even when it Points Toward Bad Vibes.

Intuition is like our own inner GPS; telling what’s around us and guiding us toward each destination on our on going journey.

Im really good at listening to my intuition, that gut feeling we get when  it’s time to make a decision. Because of how much I’ve learned to value my intuition I always, 100% of the time, choose to follow it when spirit is pointing me toward good vibes. But, lately I haven’t been the easiest to convince when it points toward something with vibes that don’t seem so bright.

March 11, 2020, I experienced something that reminded me I am always guided by the universe. Sometimes the universe will pull me toward energy vibrating high and sometimes it will show me when energy is vibrating low. Both to make me stronger and lead me toward my divine path. It’s always in my best interest if I listen and if I don’t, universe will make a lesson out of it which will push me toward those higher vibes.

About a week before the experience I woke up from a frightening dream. I was waking up in my bedroom first thing in the morning. Quite and nervous as I heard foot steps walking on the other side of my four walls. Suddenly a white male with grey/white hair and glasses burst through my door. I scrambled to find my phone and call for help but he grabbed me and stabbed my leg. Threatening me not to say a word as my mom answered the phone. He was trying to kidnap me. Scary shit right?

When I woke from the dream I knew it had a powerful meaning, but it was scary as shit. I didn’t want to decode a dream with bad vibes because I didn’t want to think about something like that happening to me or what it was mirroring inside me. So I avoided it left it in dreamland.

March 11, 2020 around 6 p.m. I went to go walk a trail through these woods with my best friend and her 12 month old son. Its not as sketchy as it sounds. This was a family trial where people run and walk dogs all the time. We both had been walking this trail for over a year together and on our own at times too. Each walk was always filled with beautiful energy and peace from being immersed in nature. Here, we knew we were protected and surrounded by our great mother earth. This particular day, we walked deeper into the trail then either of us had ever been, taking a new route, and accepting it as symbolic to our new journey in life. The vibes were new and thrilling until we reached a certain point…

We were stopped at a small waterfall when I started feeling really anxious and paranoid. I felt like something was watching us. But, because my friend was so at peace and we were in such a beautiful moment I pushed it away thinking,

Nah we good, stop trippin.

We kept walking through the new route not knowing where exactly we were and that feeling came back. I felt unsafe. But again I pushed it away thinking me doing this was symbolic of me being brave through this new journey I was about to embark on in my life outside the trail. The new path was absolutely beautiful. It was very intense and hilly, giving us beautiful views of nature the entire time. Suddenly, we heard a sound through the trees.

What was that?

The feeling came back again stronger than the last but I still didn’t mention to my friend how I felt. I didn’t want to ruin the walk being negative Nancy and bringing bad vibes to the experience. Immediately after I ignored the sound, I noticed a rotting tree. This tree had black liquid oozing from it. I thought to myself,

Thats a sign Nala.

but still kept walking. Seconds later I saw this black liquid splattered on other trees and a pile of shit on the ground.

At this point, the feeling that there was danger ahead was so strong I had to physically place my hand over my heart to calm my energy. I couldn’t ignore this feeling but there was nothing we could do. We were too deep to turn around, all we could do was keep going. I repeatedly reminded myself I am protected, I am safe, I am divinely guided. Naturally, I started walking and breathing faster and suddenly my friend stopped. She said she felt we need to slow down and be present as she had begun feeling anxious.


We both had admitted our feelings of anxiety but assumed it was because we weren’t familiar with the new path we took. We took deep breath and continued. As soon as we keep walking we turned and noticed a white man with grey/white hair and glasses standing off the trail in the midst of trees. He gave us a chilling stare and begun moving toward us. Both of our fright or flight gears kicked in and we walked faster while looking back continuously to see if he was after us. But, because we were in the woods and he was off the trail, we couldn’t see past the trees. My heart fell out of my chest.

After a few minutes of pure panic, we simultaneously stopped in our tracks and agreed we needed to calm our energy because fear is what attracts fear. We held hands and placed our other hands on a large tree trunk, creating a circle of divine energy.

We verbally stated,

“We are safe and divinely protected.”

After this affirmation, the energy of the whole situation began to calm down. We kept walking and eventually became familiar with where we were again. We had circled back around to where we began to walk the trail. We stopped again to admire the views and even jokingly laughed about how hard we were trippin.

“That man was probably on shrooms, in a deep trip with nature, and minding his own business.”

We returned to my car, strapped the baby in, and were talking about something totally different when suddenly a car slowly rolled past us. It was the same man. He purposely rolled past my car and rolled down the window while giving us another chilling look like……

yea…… I was watching you and you’re lucky you got away.

We learned, this man had followed us all the way back, and even watched to see what car we got into.

He was a dark energy. He was out standing in the woods, waiting to prey on someone. A runner or just any woman or child walking the trail alone. You may ask, how do you know he was on that type of shit? It was the feeling we both had, it was the energy. If you know, you know. Energy DOES NOT LIE.

Was it our affirmation that prevented him from attacking us? What is the fact that we were two women and not one? Was it the baby on her back that made him a little remorseful?

Dark energy and maybe even death was right next to us, yet we were still protected. Thank you God.

My intuition was warning me the entire time. The rotten trees, the poop, and the sound. I even watched a film about two missing girls right before going to the trail. These were all signs from universe.

Moral of the story is, trust intuition. It speaks to us through our dreams and our waking life. Life is not soley a fairytale. Yes, there are beautiful and whimsical things for us to experience here; but, there is still evil out there and we have to have precaution. Spirit guides us through our intuition. We are guided toward whats going on inside, what we need to heal, and what’s manifesting before us. My intuition warned me in my dream the week before hand, but I failed to listen. Then, it manifested from my subconscious to my conscious; me watching the movie. Finally, because I still didn’t grasp what my intuition was trying to help me heal, it manifested  again in real life through this vary experience.

So, whether your intuition shows you invigorating or frightening messages, listen. Don’t doubt yourself because you don’t want to be pessimistic. We need a healthy amount of pessimism and optimism to stay protected on this path of life.

Though I chose to ignore my intuition. Spirit made me stronger and wiser through the experience. I may have suffered a bit of PTSD; but, overall I relearned important lessons and have begun uncovering the root of what my intuition was telling me I need to heal. Im still uncovering the deeper meaning behind why I attracted all of this into my reality.But for now I thought I’d share this experience. Stay safe out here y’all; physically and spiritually protected.


They can see me but they can’t touch me.

I am always divinely protected.

I attract certain energy by fearing it. 

Nala Asa Shakur

Tyler A. Norman who now goes by Nala Asa Shakur is the CEO of The All Natural as well as the author of Love Starts Here. She’s a multifaceted creator & healer serving through various forms of artistry. Her ways of expression range from being an author, philosopher, model, holistic health guide, creative director, to a Kitchen alchemist . Through her work and her movement, #Naturalisthewaytoglow™, she inspires and assist others with personal growth, self-love, holistic healing, and finding an inner glow.

Enjoy this story time? Read more of Nala’s story in her book; Love Starts Here!

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Affirmations and Meditation For Releasing Anxiety

“If you’re depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.”

Lao Tzu

Anxiety is a very common mental health issue affecting many people of all ages. The common denominator with those experiencing anxiety is a focus of fear toward something in the future; typically based on a past trauma or experience from the past. When we hold onto fears and trauma from the past we can subconsciously create repeating scenarios by expecting, preparing, and fearing they will occur in the future.

Luckily with time and care we can weaken the brain patterns, thoughts, and fears of our future by reaffirming our safety and peace in the present moment.

These affirmations and guided meditation were designed to help us gain control over our anxious thoughts, reaffirm new ones, and find peace where we are now.

Write, read, or listen to these affirmations when anxious thoughts arise.

Affirmations and Meditation For Releasing Anxiety

Whenever I feel that inner restlessness,

that strive for something outside of me,

that urge, and seeking for something to distract me.

When I feel the need to engage in something of the external world,

just to distract me from feeling my inner world.

That is ANXIETY.

An unfulfilled restlessness inside of me,

that seems unable to be distracted.

When I’m feeling this feeling, understand it’s okay.

Understand I can release this feeling.

When I feel this anxiety within, this means I have fear or worry about the future.

I need to go within.

What am I fearful of in my future?

What am I nervous about in my future?

What am I thinking about my future?

As I think about these things filling my mind,

I am taking a deep breathe.

I am releasing these fears.

I am releasing all worry with every exhale.

I understand that the future is perfectly aligned.

The universe, my angles, my ancestors, and all light surround me everyday.

I am guided through my future.

Every situation, every person, and every place is a collection of divinely guided experiences,

Guiding me toward unconditional love.

So, I am releasing all restlessness, worry, and fearful thoughts or beliefs about my future.

I am here right now.

I am safe.

I am joyful,

I am at peace,

right now.

Right now in this present moment is exactly where I need to be.

Nala Asa Shakur

Tyler A. Norman who now goes by Nala Asa Shakur is the CEO of The All Natural as well as the author of Love Starts Here. She’s a multifaceted creator & healer serving through various forms of artistry. Her ways of expression range from being an author, philosopher, model, holistic health guide, creative director, to a Kitchen alchemist . Through her work and her movement, #Naturalisthewaytoglow™, she inspires and assist others with personal growth, self-love, holistic healing, and finding an inner glow.

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22 Morning Affirmations to Start a Positive Day!

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.”

Roy Bennet

Starting our morning off with affirmations is powerful, back that up, affirming anything of love within ourselves is always powerful. Which is why we can say them, write them, and listen to them at any point in the day and be impacted. But, theres something about saying them first thing in the morning. The time where there’s a brand newness in the air. The sun has risen all over again and not too many thoughts have had a chance to start directing our perspective quite yet. Were open, receiving, and starting out our day; a perfect time to set intentions and take narrative of our reality. When we say them and not only say, but believe affirmations at these points in time, we can shift our energy to creating a positive day.

4 Ways to Use Affirmations

  1. Record/Listen –  Use your phone to record yourself saying affirmations aloud. Save it under whatever category you desire (Daily Affirmations, Morning Affirmations, Hair Affirmations, Skin, Career etc.). Listen to the recording!
  2. Speak -Write down your affirmations and say them aloud to yourself.
  3. Write– Write your affirmations down in a journal.
  4. Read – Read your affirmations to yourself.

22 Morning Affirmations to Start a Positive Day!

  1. I am grateful for this new and unique day.
  2. I am aligned with my path.
  3. I am exactly where I should be.
  4. I am present and at peace.
  5. I am walking in my purpose.
  6. I am in awareness of all that’s around me.
  7. I am learning from all that’s around me.
  8. I am in flow.
  9. I am trusting divine timing.
  10. I am couragelousy facing my fears with love.
  11. I am confident and aware of my power.
  12. I am gifted.
  13. I am strong and passionate.
  14. I am allowing my emotions to flow like water.
  15. I am creating flowers and not weeds in my garden of thoughts.
  16. I am choosing to enjoy the journey; adventure awaits.
  17. I am always growing.
  18. I am whole and complete.
  19. I am unlimited.
  20. I am worthy of receiving unconditional love.
  21. I am giving unconditional love.
  22. I am unconditional love.

Nala Asa Shakur

Tyler A. Norman who now goes by Nala Asa Shakur is the CEO of The All Natural as well as the author of Love Starts Here. She’s a multifaceted creator & healer serving through various forms of artistry. Her ways of expression range from being an author, philosopher, model, holistic health guide, creative director, to a Kitchen alchemist . Through her work and her movement, #Naturalisthewaytoglow™, she inspires and assist others with personal growth, self-love, holistic healing, and finding an inner glow.

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7 Habits to Include in Your Morning Routine

Your day is pretty much formed by how you spend your first hour. Check your thoughts, attitude, and heart.

Make your morning routine a space to fill your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical energy bodies with love.

1. Meditate

First things first, start your day off with a morning meditation. Grab a few crystals, light some sage, or even light an incense. You can sit in meditation a space with nice blanket and pillow for comfort if you wish. Or, use this space to stretch, do some yoga poses, and breathing techniques as well! f the sun shining position yourself to receive its beautiful rays and sun gaze. Morning meditations are life changing when we make them a priority before the day starts. Here, you express can gratitude for the unique and beautiful day ahead, set intentions for the things you want to complete, and find clarity in the stillness before all the noise. You can say, “today I make it my intention to be in a state of peace amongst chaos around me”. It all depends on your daily schedule and what your heart is telling you.

Here, you can also do some praying; ask for clarity, guidance, and assistance from Spirit. Then, close your eyes (keep them open if you wish) and meditate. Meditations can look different daily; sometimes you may want to listen to a guided morning meditation, a frequency, play a singing bowl, or I’ll opt for complete silence. There’s no time limit for meditations (unless you have a tight schedule to keep); this is where you just let your own spirit guide you to whatever emotion, inspiration, clarity, or creation is for you to see and to feel. Let your thoughts flow if they want to, create certain thoughts, or find stillness. No matter what, here is where you can always leave with inspiration, guidance, ideas, and or gratitude for the day ahead.

This is where you find your center, your peace, your sacred space, and fill your spiritual energy with love. Be patient with yourself, meditation is a practice. With time, you grow.

2. Journal

Release whats on your mind! Journaling is a major self-love practice. It gives you a clean and safe space to truly release!! In your journal you can write whatever is on your heart; lessons you learned, clarity you gained in meditation, questions you desire answers to, feelings you feel, and whatever thoughts you want to capture! Your journal is your own personal venting space where great healing can be found. It can also be a space for more than just writing, but drawing, daily art, whether you consider yourself an artist or not is extremely healing. Art sends a message from our subconscious and allows us to see what our spirit is carrying. Your journal can also be a place to record your dreams. As Dreams are also windows to the subconscious mind and send us very symbolic clues we need on our healing journey!

3. Affirmations/Music

Take this opportunity to gather your mental energy which includes all that you see and hear. You can sit still or move around while doing this. Tidy up your space, make your bed, while at the same time fill your thoughts with positive affirmations. Our mental energy is connected to our atmosphere; so let your mind hear and see things that take you to the mental space you need to be in. Use affirmations to pour love into your mental before the rest of the world sets the tone for you.


An easy and effective form of affirmations is listening to them. You can listen to morning affirmations pieced together by other creative artist or listen to your own personal affirmations. Making your own can be a lot more personal, familiar, and effective. Do this by create a recording on your phone of you saying your affirmations aloud (in present tense “I am”) with a binaural beat in the background.

Although listening to affirmation is easy and effective there are other ways to incorporate this practice in your morning routine!


Writing is another easy an effective form of affirming. Your pen is your wand! The power of writing is very real! We call it spelling because each time we write we are eating a spell! What you write down is very likely to manifest, especially when we write it down multiple times. Write affirmations! Get in tune with what you want to manifest and/or affirm within yourself and create new affirmations in your Journal.

When you’re done writing, keep these written affirmations in special place! You can even organize them down into specific categories such as hair affirmations, affirmations for the mind, and career affirmations. These are also what you can read from to create voice recordings.


Pick a page of your own or one from our Digital Affirmation & Mantra Booklet ; whatever flows. Begin reading those affirmations saying them aloud or just reading them in your head. Speaking affirmation aloud is a very powerful manifesto tool! Just like your pen is your wand, YOUR WORD IS BOND. What you speak has power over your DNA, your day, your essence, and your whole reality! Either way, say all of your affirmations with power, positive emotion, and faith; like you truly believe them, not like your just saying them for fun. But, attach and feel an emotion you receive from that affirmation and imagine yourself embodying, acting on, or possessing that affirmation.


When your finished pouring love into your spiritual and mental energy body, creating intentions and affirming your own ideas into your well being. Play music! Good, Soulful, and uplifting music sets the vibe for the entire day and has the ability to just put anyone in a good mood. Music has a strong connection with our emotions, it can make us feel deeply, and also allows us to flow within those feelings. Music with a empowering message fills our emotional body with love because it allows us to find comfort and joy in FLOWING. Giving our bodies rhythm to dance (which activates love in the physical energy) and also, activating our throat chakra to be free and open with high vibrations at the start of the day. This is also another way to fill your mental energy with love by what you’re hearing. Have a morning music playlist which consist of upbeat, positive, and grateful energy.



4. SelfCare

SELF-CARE IS NOT SELFISH!!! This is YOUR time to show self love and care to your physical energy. Take your sweet time with this. Your morning self-care all depends on your own personal hygiene and beauty routine. This should consist of cleansing, teeth brushing, skin care, and hair care. During this time show yourself mad love in whatever practices you incorporate! Speak love, admiration, gratitude, and beauty into your cells while rubbing those butters and oils into your skin and running that brush through your hair.

5. Drink Water/Tea

The first thing you should put in your body is water; a cleansing of physical and emotional energy. Water is life, it conforms to the vibrations around it; so, speak words of love into your water and ask it to cleanse and purify your physical and emotional energy.

After you’ve rehydrated your vessel from fasting all night, have some tea! Whether it’s just warm lemon water, ginger tea, turmeric tea, or a special herbal blend, tea is an absolute must in the morning before the adventure of the day awaits! Morning Tea is your hot cup of magic! Speak life into the herbs and water used to create this nourishing gift! Let the warmth cover your aura like a hug from the universe. Flowing through your body and cleansing your organs. Leaving you feeling refilled and refreshed by mother nature. Warm nourishing liquid in the morning helps reset your body, raise your metabolism, and increase your energy for the day!

Along with your morning water and tea, this is a great time to fill your body with your own personal vitamins and minerals before any foods. Try Black Seed Oil, Chlorella, Spirulina, a Turmeric and Ginger shot, Vitamin B-Complex, bladderwrack, or Irish Sea Moss.

6. Eat Fresh Fruit

Breakfast looks different for everyone, some choose intermitted fasting, and some choose to EAT. Regardless of when you choose to fill you body, the first solid food that should hit your stomach is FRUIT!! RAW Fresh fruit carries life force energy, it is the highest energy available as it has not been tampered with or heated, causing it to lose key vitamins and minerals. Fruit is also the most DETOXING food! Our bodies do the most detoxing over night and in the morning so its important to aid that process by filling our bodies with alkaline, detoxifying, and life force fruit. You can choose a fresh bowl of fruit, a smoothie and/or a fresh pressed juice to truly fill your body with a high vibration.

7. Go Outside

Now that you’ve filled your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical energy body with love in many forms, GO OUTSIDE!!! Nature is a sanctuary for healing. With the earth, water, fire, and air elements outside, you can absorb energy and give thanks to all these elements at the same time! Even if you step outside for a quick second, allow yourself to feel the sun on your skin, charging your whole essence. Allow yourself to feel the ground beneath your feet, charging you with electrical energy.

This is YOUR morning routine!! So be honest with yourself! Choose what habits resonate with you! Choose what practices are beneficial to your well being! And REMEMBER sometimes none of this happens, you’ll skip some steps, or do everything out of order. Every morning does not go perfectly planned; sometimes you oversleep, wake up in a bad mood, or simply don’t feel like partaking in such a long routine. However, that’s the beauty of life, embrace it!

Try some of these steps in your morning routine and see what what they do for you!


Nala Asa Shakur

Tyler A. Norman who now goes by Nala Asa Shakur is the CEO of The All Natural as well as the author of Love Starts Here. She’s a multifaceted creator & healer serving through various forms of artistry. Her ways of expression range from being an author, philosopher, model, holistic health guide, creative director, to a Kitchen alchemist . Through her work and her movement, #Naturalisthewaytoglow™, she inspires and assist others with personal growth, self-love, holistic healing, and finding an inner glow.

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Plant Based Comfort Food: Vegetable Lentil Curry


This dish is the perfect hearty plant-based meal! Filled with vegetables, legumes, and spices that create an explosion on your taste buds.

Made with love and creativity for an all around satisfying bowl of goodness!

Perfect for dinner or lunch as this meal is VERY filling. For an even heavier dish feel free to add rice on the side!

I made this curry on a snowy winter night, made a cup of tea, and snuggled up in my warm covers with a sappy romance movie. Plant based goodness. All though food is not meant for the comfort of our emotions, a hearty and delicious meal (especially when it’s plant-based) can bring healing vibes.


Servings: 4-5

Cooktime: 30+ min

Flavor: Mildy spicy (3/10)


3 small to medium potatoes (thinly sliced)

1/2 cup of red lentils

1/2 yellow onion (sliced)

2 handfuls of chopped kale 

3 medium tomatoes (diced)

1/4 cauliflower head (chopped)

3 tbsp of minced garlic 

3 tbsp of olive oil (cooking oil optional) 

1 tbsp (give or take) Himalayan sea salt I gave lol 

1tsp of paprika 

1 tsp black pepper

I tbsp Lightly dried basil 

1 tbsp lightly dried parsley 

Curry seasoning (I went wild with this; add as much as you desire and taste for flavor) 

1 carton of vegetable stock 


1.Cook on medium heat stovetop in large pot 

2. Sauté onions, tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil in large pot 

3. Let sauté (smashed tomatoes down while stirring all ingredients together)  

4. Once veggies have softened a bit add in quarter of vegetable stock and let simmer still on medium heat 

5. Add chopped cauliflower 

6. Add chopped kale 

7. Add more stock, mix all ingredients, and place the lid on pot

8. Let simmer still on medium heat while slicing potatoes 

9. Add sliced potatoes 

10. Add lentils 

11. Add all seasoning 

12. Add rest of vegetable stock and stir until all ingredients are mixed together like a soup 

13. Turn down heat to low cover with lid 

14. Let simmer till desired texture (approx. 15-20 minutes) 

15. Serve alone or with rice!


Seasoning measurements vary dependent on personal palette. I added a ton of curry seasoning and paprika for an intense and mildly spicy flavor! Add measurements and keep adding until desired flavored has been reached!

Comment below if you enjoyed this recipe!

Nala Asa Shakur

Tyler A. Norman who now goes by Nala Asa Shakur is the CEO of The All Natural as well as the author of Love Starts Here. She’s a multifaceted creator & healer serving through various forms of artistry. Her ways of expression range from being an author, philosopher, model, holistic health guide, creative director, to a Kitchen alchemist . Through her work and her movement, #Naturalisthewaytoglow™, she inspires and assist others with personal growth, self-love, holistic healing, and finding an inner glow.

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My Natural Hair Journey

Free your mind and free your hair.

Relaxed Hair – 2013

Looking back at this point in time, my hair was fried, I’ll be honest. The crazy thing is, I didn’t even know it back then. To me, this was getting closer to that ideal image of beautiful hair. I was blind to the fact I was destroying my hair to fit European beauty standards. With every pass of a flat-iron and damaging relaxer, I was demolishing my natural curl pattern and erasing genetic blessings. Not only was I disrupting the physical nature of my hair but the spiritual too; all of its essence and internal energy.  Spending money to be like someone else while destroying myself, all to be apart of a beauty a standard. Becoming further distant from the true definition a beauty; loving myself and all that I come with.

As time passed, the curly hair trend began running it’s course. Celebrities like Christina Milian played as the pretty girl in movies; she was straight poppin’ in Love Don’t Cost a Thing. I saw the look wanted the same attention. So I hopped on the trend too (barely). I further began manipulating my strands to resemble other girls. I used flexi rods, curlers, and curling irons to achieve some sort of a curl pattern. Still blind to the beauty I had previously damaged.

Embracing My Own Beauty – 2014

If I could narrate my own journey I’d ask when was this girl going to stop ignoring her own beauty by manipulating her hair to look like someone else’s? I was doing the most to create a replica of a projected image, searching for visual appeal in everything outside of myself.

Similar to the Film Nappily Ever After with Saniyah Lathan, it took a salon disaster and all of my hair nearly falling out for me to start making a change in my perspective. After seeing the condition my hair had gotten to, I knew I could no longer use chemicals nor heat or my hair would never reach health. I decided to go natural.

The Transition – 2014/2015

When I first started my transition phase, I refused to do the big chop. For me I still wanted my hair to be somewhat nice looking, and because I was still swallowed up in conditioned ideas, I associate beautiful hair with length. So, I held on to my length during the beginning of my transition. I worked with two different hair patterns; my new growth and my dead ends. Due to this inconsistency in texture, there were only few hairstyle suitable; buns, braids, twist outs, and flexi rods.

Shoutout to natural hair gurus on YouTube and Pinterest because ya girl was lost. This was all so new to me, so, I dedicated my free time to watching tutorials of natural hair. Searching ways to make hair grow, tips for transitioning hair, products for natural hair, and tips for getting rid of a relaxer. At this point I wasn’t aware that the only way to get rid of dead hair was to cut it off! Still, I followed different regimens like oiling my scalp nightly, using natural hair products, and the inversion method. To my surprise, I began seeing growth!

How I Transitioned

  • Oiling scalp nightly with castor oil and olive oil
  • Using ONLY natural hair products (parabean free, alchohol free, sulfate free, natural ingredients etc.)
  • Using protective styles (BUNS, braids, twist etc.)
  • Drinking a TON of water
  • Taking vitamins
  • HYDRATING then MOISTURIZING (hydrating is using water or water based product; moisturizing is sealing the hydration in with an oil or butter)
  • Satin scarf /satin pillow case while sleeping
  • Deep conditioning once a week
  • Continuing to learn about natural hair

The BIG CHOP – 2015

After my new growth reach a desirable length I decided to let those dead ends go. Not so much the big chop, but a medium chop. Which still took a lot of courage out of me. With new hair came a new Tyler.

I like to refer to this time period as trial and error. My hair had been relaxed for the past 7 years, little did I know there was so much more to learn about natural hair. The thing is, everyone’s natural hair is completely different. What works for someone else, might be horrible for the next person. So, I sampled different regimens to figure out what would work best for me. I tried out deep conditioners, various combs/brushes, leave in conditioners, smoothies, gels, and oils. Then, I tried different techniques like finger detangling, shingling, air drying, and defusing. Not to mention, I had to figure out what order to perform these regimens and how often.

Bleach – 2016

My hair had grown tremendously in the past year and I was so content with how well I was taking care of it.

Then, college happened.

Seeking attention from the wrong crowd; I searched for a way to stand out and feel as though I existed. My hair seemed so plain and well.. natural. So, I went for something to make me pop out a little more; purple hair it was. I assumed my hair was healthy enough to withstand the change and proceeded with bleaching and dying my hair. Immediately after washing the dye out I noticed a difference. My hair was almost lifeless; lacking bounce with the texture of straw. 

As time went on, I nourished my hair to as much strength as I could with frequent hot oil treatments and deep conditions. For a while, I was happy with my looser curl pattern; it was longer and looked more “mixed”. Sort of like the idea I was going for when I first desired curly hair. I still wasn’t understanding the concept of going natural. It wasn’t just about having curly hair, but having NATURAL hair. Accepting and loving the hair that natural grows from the roots of my head.

 Cut it – 2017 

Because I was still trying to manipulate my hair to look and be like someone else’s, I had to start over. My curls no longer bounced back when I brushed them and my ends were bone straight when wet. I realized the bleach was still considered a chemical that damaged the natural curl pattern of my hair. The purple had to GO.

After the cut, there was a freeness unleashed. Letting go of those dead ends symbolized me letting go of old parts of myself. Releasing old beliefs and ideas about my hair. Those heavy and brittle strands on the end were old energy no longer serving me. Only weighing down my crown; preventing transition and growth.  If a flower didn’t let old petals fall, it would never grow newer and healthier ones. It was time to start fresh and welcome a new me on this journey again. 

Maintaining Healthy Hair- 2018 

After two rounds of damaging my hair I finally understood and applied the true concept of natural hair to my life. I learned more about my hair including: its history, the curl pattern, and the porosity. I began admiring details; the way each curl created a spiral pattern as it grew, resembling the curvy essence of femininity. I honored the dedication of taking care of it, knowing that the most sacred things in life are cared for. I began to fall in love with my luscious strands. I understood the history, the meaning, the time, and energy it needed. I loved it and it loved me back.

I researched continuously; on the way finding out my ancestors used gifts from the earth to charge their crown. Which then resulted in long and beautiful hair. I gained an understanding of what my hair liked and my hair needed; trying some amazing products along the way. In this year I even cut my hair again, not because of health concerns but because it’s a symbolic release of energy.

Loving Natural Hair – Present 

Natural hair is not just wanting bouncy curls, or an afro, and any other form of vanity. Natural is hair is more than what’s on the outside, its’ whats on the inside. My natural hair journey was apart of my journey of self-love. In fact, it was the first step in my journey. Going and staying natural was the first step in loving my true self. This step lead to a lifelong journey of continuously finding love deeper within myself. Becoming and sharing my authenticity with the world. Despite how long it took for me to get there, I finally stopped comparing my hair and my entire essence to others. I began loving myself as is. Then, understanding the power of my own self love; the power behind the perception we have of ourselves.

It helped to compare my hair to a plant. When it is not rooted, watered, nourished from the inside out, and loved, it does not grow. Just like plants, we are ( including our hair)  made from tiny cells which are each living organisms. Those cells listen, they feel, and condition themselves to perform according to what we feed them and the mind which controls them. When you speak kind words to plants, they grow faster. Our hair is the same; when we brush our hair speaking or even thinking thoughts of it being annoying or ugly, desiring to change its nature, and not appreciating the beauty its expressing to us, the cells are listening and conforming to match the energy of our thoughts. When we feed those cells abundant life force energy from within our vessel, they thrive. Ultimately having a HEALTHY head of hair, whether that be short or long, all boils down to maintaining a healthy physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional energy. Our hair is an outward reflection of our internal growth. Meaning healthy natural hair is more of a lifestyle than a quick fix. #naturalisthewaytoglow

Make your hair routine a sacred ritual. A time for showing yourself love and care. A time for infusing gratitude and high vibrations into your crown. Begin admiring the creative detail. Speak kind words to your hair; tell it you you appreciate it, and you accept it. Feed it healing foods from within, drink your water, and LOVE YOUR HAIR UNCONDITIONALLY. Then, watch your hair thrive into the beautiful plant it is.

My hair type: 3C, 4A

Porosity: Low

Routine: pre-poo with oil, shampoo, condition, detangle, deep condition (1 hour with heat), apply a butter and/or gel, apply a light oil to seal, and air dry. Repeat 1X per week and oil scalp 5-7X per week.

Beginner Products

Favorite Natural Plants/Seeds for DIY Products 

  • Avocado
  • Raw Unfiltered Honey
  • Aloe Vera Plant
  • Bananas
  • Flax Seed Gel
  • Fenugreek Spray
  • Almond oil
  • Almla Oil
  • Olive oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Mango Butter
  • Argan Oil
  • Jamican black Castor Oil
  • Rosemary essential oil
  • Peppermint essential oil

Nala Asa Shakur

Tyler A. Norman who now goes by Nala Asa Shakur is the CEO of The All Natural as well as the author of Love Starts Here. She’s a multifaceted creator & healer serving through various forms of artistry. Her ways of expression range from being an author, philosopher, model, holistic health guide, creative director, to a Kitchen alchemist . Through her work and her movement, #Naturalisthewaytoglow™, she inspires and assist others with personal growth, self-love, holistic healing, and finding an inner glow.

Looking to give some TLC to your natural hair? Try our DIY Deep Conditioner for Natural Hair!

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What is Beauty?

There is nothing more attractive than confidence, once she sees her own beauty, everyone else will.

― Habeeb Akande 




Synonyms: Life, Creation, Nature, Flowers 

Definition: You

We, along with all other creations are expressions of the universe; down to every detail. The way the sky resembles a watercolor painting at sunrise and set, the way our body brilliantly functions, the way flowers bloom, and everything aligns perfectly in the cycle of life. Life, creation, nature, and flowers are inherently works of art; masterpieces of infinite forms. Because we fit in with the oneness of these energies, this is only a reflection of us. All the beauty we see in the most awes-trucking flowers is the same beauty we posses.

You don’t need a mirror to see your beauty. Your reflection is painted all over the cosmos.

-Eternal Sunshine

Antonyms: Comparison, Standards 

We tend to associate beauty with a certain standard; a standard that continuously changes every decade. But, we can’t keep chasing a moving target of beauty standards; we will never hit it if it keeps changing. When we chase a standard and attempt to transform ourselves to fit that idea, we run away from ourselves. Dimming our own beauty. The secret is, the chase never stops, trends keep coming and going no matter how much we keep up. The longer we keep running toward an idea of beauty, the further we run from the real definition. Distancing ourselves even further from an idea whilst harming ourselves physically, mentally, and financially during the process.

HERE is a link to a video series on 100 years of beauty… how it has and will continue to change.

Were stuck in a revolving door around these ideas of what beauty looks like not realizing we all have it. Not just a few people who look a certain way that align with the trends of makeup or current pop culture; that is an idea which has been conditioned in us. That’s us allowing our thinking to be constructed under one mind. Being spun around in revolving beauty trends. This one mind had us desiring the same hair, lashes, style, eyebrows, and attitude. Pretty soon we will all look, act, and think the same. Theres nothing beautiful about a society with a lack of uniqueness. I mean yes, trends are a thing. All I’m saying is, if we were the only people who could see ourselves, would we still portrait ourself the same?

Beauty is not just something we only see with our vision. The eyes can only see a small inkling of beauty; luckily, we have more senses than that and beauty can pleases all them. We can energetically sense a beautiful spirit, we can feel beautiful skin, art work, and textures. We can smell a beautiful scent and hear a beautiful tone in a instrument or a voice. It can describe every part of us, every part of nature, the details in a flower, and stretch to the night sky describing the trillions of stars we get to experience the slightest bit of. How can we define something that stretches so far out beyond us and comes back to describe something within us down to one ideal standard?

Beauty appears when something is completely and absolutely and openly itself.

― Deena Metzger

Be Your Own Beautiful 

We have to stop letting society control our definition of beauty and just be us. Not like her on Instagram; like us. Healthy, thriving, and self-love filled us. The moment the universe started a trillion atoms bonded, organisms grew, people met, your parents came together so you could be exactly who you are.  That’s the beauty of it all. Were all completely different expressions of beauty; no one is the same. Learn to love yourself including everything you come with; your emotions, your depth, your color, the texture of your hair, the lines and curves which create your silhouette, your story, and you will be beautiful. Acceptance and authenticity is beauty.  

Think about the saying when you look good you feel good. Now, flip it around; when you feel good, you look good. We are flowers; we must be nourished and watered from within to blossom on the outside. The energy of self love is so strong that when a person truly believes they are beautiful everyone else sees and feels it 10 times more. That’s beautiful.

We are art. We must embrace the beauty in us, believe it, flaunt it, enjoy it, dress it up, and love it always. Never be made felt weak or less serious because of it. Beauty is power, influencing, and attracting; divine feminine energy.

Remind yourself daily how beautiful your spirit is.

Remind yourself daily how beautiful your mind is.

Remind yourself daily how beautiful your emotions are.

Remind yourself daily how beautiful your body is.

Remind yourself daily how beautiful your skin is.

Remind yourself daily how beautiful your hair is.

Every morning  say “I am beauty” and believe it.

Nala Asa Shakur

Tyler A. Norman who now goes by Nala Asa Shakur is the CEO of The All Natural as well as the author of Love Starts Here. She’s a multifaceted creator & healer serving through various forms of artistry. Her ways of expression range from being an author, philosopher, model, holistic health guide, creative director, to a Kitchen alchemist . Through her work and her movement, #Naturalisthewaytoglow™, she inspires and assist others with personal growth, self-love, holistic healing, and finding an inner glow.

Need more affirmations for self-love and beauty? Read our Digital Affirmation & Mantra Booklet!