Serving Self

We are experiencing an interesting time here on the planet in regards to consciousness. We all have individual devices where we can share information, knowledge, and our personal experience instantaneously across the globe. We have uncovered and shared more information in this digital age than we will even be able to process in our lifetime.  […]

Principles of Growth pt.2

Every day we are given two things, a chance and a choice. The magick of nature gave us another day to explore these gifts. This is another opportunity to change what we’re choosing for ourselves. With the way the system is built, most of all our choices we make are suggested from the previous awareness […]

2.22.22 Reflection

Throughout my life, source has been calling on me in many ways. As a child I was confused on how to respond to this calling that felt like the voice of my ancestors. Of course I was too young to even understand what that means, but nonetheless I always heard this call from what felt […]

Principles of Growth pt.1

Sunday, February 6th There is a divine ordinance to a boys creation of his growing Self. Timing that’s specific to each individual yet applicable to us all. Anything forced will fail and nature’s genius will continue to prevail. If we zoom out, we will be able to see how everyday is a small moment that […]

Defining the Values of Self

January 2nd, 2022 By Sol DelaLuz What matters most to us gives us our essential drive in life. This can be found between the lines in conversation, or in your own manifested creation. Our actions reveal the truth of our nature. Therefore what we value as individuals determines what we do with every action we […]

3.14 Open Journal Series: 12.21.20

Hello my kings and queens I have an enlightening 3.14 post for you all today! In celebration of the last 3.14 blog of the year we’re going to wrap this up with a bang! We got big realizations and full circle connections coming through today baby. Not too long ago I was compelled to binge […]

3.14 Open Journal Series: 12.10.20

Hey yall, im back so soon because I’ve had so much to say that’s been biulding up. Plus, I have a feeling this information is very crucial at this present moment. Every post is in divine timing. What I want to talk about today is my observation of disconnection. One thing I’ve continously noticed throughout […]

3.14 Open Journal Series: 11.27.20

Long time no see.. well no talk.. no type? You know what I mean. Anyway, its been a long time since my last 3.14 post. Why, because the lessons have been POURING in heavy. I have SOOOO much to cover, so let’s just get started. On the last post I talk about how everything going […]

3.14 Open Journal Series: 6.23.2020

In previous blogs I’ve mentioned all the low vibrations the world is experiencing right now, from the pandemic, to child sex trafficking, and racism. Its easy to become overwhelmed by these things we keep hearing about and begin being controlled by fear. We have to feel everything, yes; but we also need to individually and […]

3.14 Open Journal Series:6.1.2020

When I noticed people being judgmental and distant toward Asian people at the beginning of this pandemic, I knew this was going to slowly bring back some form of segregation. It was all going to highlight differences and put certain demographics into a steer clear from category.  Low and behold, the media soon broadcasted loud […]