DIY Rose Water Toner + Skin Refresher

This DIY Rose Water Toner + Skin Refresher is perfect ALL skin types! Whether you are suffering from dry, oily, combination, acne prone, or dull skin this NATURAL skin remedy is for you. This toner can be used before a natural moisturizer and/or all throughout the day to bring essential vitamins and minerals for healthy […]

DIY Face Mask for Clearing Breakouts + Brightening Skin

Looking for a completely natural remedy for breakouts, scarring, dull, or dry skin? This is the perfect DIY face mask! The simple yet extremely nourishing ingredients make it super easy to make at home. Anytime I suffer from a random breakout or find my skin needing some brightening, this is a GO TO!

DIY Strawberries & Cream Hair & Body Smoothie

Summer is approaching, which means we want to let out natural hair down and show off our healthy glowing skin! This hair and body smoothie is perfect for treating winter dryness and reviving our natural glow! The best part is, just like a regualr smoothie this can be made with ingredients already in your kitchen. […]

How to Get Clearer Skin and Whiter Teeth with Oil Pulling

What is Oil Pulling? Oil pulling is an ancient form of Ayurveda; detoxification. It has been used for several years India for its natural health and beauty benefits! it is the act of swishing oil in the mouth similar to mouthwash. Only this practice last 10-20 minutes and come with many more benefits! Benefits  There […]