Holistic Business Community

The All Natural is your one stop Holistic health shop; providing you with ALL your needs for healing the mind, body, emotion, and spirit. Here, at The All Natural, we innerstand and give gratitude for the power of nature and its ability to align us with our most healthy, whole, and authentic self. The All Natural is A divine mother curating her own content, products, and services while birthing a community of businesses and creators promoting holistic wellness. We offer a platform both digitally and physically, for holistic healing businesses to share the various gifts they offer and receive the abundance and respect they deserve.

The purpose of this community is to support the expansion of holistic healing and channel the power of connection. TheAll Natural believes in creating a business community where we build together as opposed to the typical competitive business world. We believe in the philosophy we are all one. Therefore, our connections bring us closer to our power and divinity. Quantum physics shows us when the energy of 2 or more entities combine, ALL are amplified.  Our vision is to expand our outreach through intentional marketing on different media platforms, to grow not only our business but the businesses we promote as well. 

By placing like minded creators and businesses in the same shopping arena, this gives the buyer an advantage to purchase similar products and services that are aligned with the same values. Therefore, when The All Natural expands into the awareness of others, everyone in the community flourishes. We are focused on developing ourselves as a company to build a strong foundation that can house many companies and individuals partnered with us. Our driving passion is uplifting others and creating a community where everyone feels supported and equally respected. 


The All natural Holistic Business Community is a $19.99 monthly membership which includes:

  •  Professional display and description of your business’s products OR services on The All natural website and Instagram + Facebook Shop with a link directly to your own site for purchase/booking. All products/services sold with zero interest (You keep all your profits).  
  • Exposure to a larger targeted audience to increase your businesses revenue and outreach.
  • Access to an exclusive facebook group with tips on building a business and entrepreneurship hacks. 
  • First dibs on being a vendor at The All Natural One Stop Holistic Health Shop events + discount on vendor fee.
  • Option to waive monthly fee in exchange for PROFESSIONAL, creative, and holistic content posted weekly (designated day of the week) on the site. Please contact for this option to view and complete the separate terms & agreements.

Additional Information 

  • This membership subscription uses an Auto ACH payment method to collect your monthly fee from your card/account used to purchase your membership. 
  • Each business has a limit to 2 products OR 1 service per membership.
  • Members have the option to cancel or renew membership monthly.
  • Membership fees are subject to change as demand and outreach increases.
  • Vendor fees are SEPARATE from membership fees. 


  • Must be 18 years +.
  •  Must be a legal registered business.
  • Business must have been operating for at least 1 full year.
  • Must have an active website or booking system.
  • Must be a HOLISTIC business (Promoting physical, mental, spiritual, and/or emotional healing).
  • Products must be made with 100% natural high quality (preferably organic) ingredients (no parabens, synthetics, dyes, alcohols, aluminum, petroleum, silicones, propylene glycol, phthalate, or any other harmful chemicals).
  • Must SIGN & DATE Agreement Form.


  • The All Natural One Stop Holistic Health Shop events are subject to change locations. 
  • The All Natural is not responsible for any customer mishaps or complaints with your products/service (any complaints from customers/clients received will be sent directly to your business to handle.)
  • Frequent bad reviews/experiences of your product/ service may result in a termination of your membership. 
  • Failure to pay your monthly fee will result in termination of your membership (unless discussed and agreed with our CEO).
  • Members are responsible for completing ALL tasks regarding product orders/services (timely booking and follow through with services. Timely packaging, shipping, and completing orders.)
  • Failure to abide by the requirements listed will result in termination of membership with NO REFUNDS.


*This form must be downloaded, completed, signed, sent to and approved by The All Natural to fully activate your membership*