Mother Nature

So soft 
Yet firm 
With the immense ability 
To hold everything together.
Selfishly willing to receiving 
My heaviness 
My turbulence 
Making me light as a feather.
Cleansing me 
When emotions need to flow.
Helping me feel, heal, and let go.
Coming out on the other side 
With a deeper understand of life. 
Knowing more then I used to know.
You are a key element
What I need to grow. 
You emulate divine beauty 
Sensuality and vulnerability.
In you 
I see my reflection.
I am you and you are me.
I say finally because 
For a while 
I disconnected 
All unwanted emotions.
Fighting much needed stillness 
With constant motion.
Running from a half of my wholeness. 
Thinking there’s no solace.
When you’ve been here holdin’ it down. 
But I’m finally coming back around
To appreciate you. 
Water and earth 
I’m no longer resisting. 
I’m fully immersed.
This is my evolution.
This is my REBIRTH.
I am free.
I am Fluid.
I am stillness.
I am flow.
I am mother nature.
A work of art
Crowned with my fro. 


Model: Tyler A. Norman

Writer: Tyler A. Norman

Creative Director: Tyler A. Norman

Editor: Tyler A. Norman

Photographer: Natasha Beauchamp | The Tash

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