Eye Am – Digital Affirmation and Mantra Booklet


We have the power to create and make changes to our reality through the use of our minds. It enables us to control our internal world which then reflects in our outer world. When we use affirmations we are using our mental energy, our words and thoughts, to affirm something within ourselves. Every cell in our being listens to what the mind says and believes. This control over our internal world through the mind is very powerful. With affirmations we have the ability to take advantage of our mind power and use it for our highest good. Although there are many things we cannot control in our daily life, when we say and not only say, but believe affirmations. In doing this we can shift our energy to creating healthy habits, self-love, and positive experiences.

Healing the world starts from within each of our individual lives. It begins with us growing and becoming more in tune with our true essence; love. Here is a booklet of over 350 affirmations you can access at any time anywhere to aid in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.


Signature Brand

The All Natural is symbolizes the Original womb-man. Through her personal healing and found divinity she curates her own signature line of holistic content, products, services, and events created with intention to heal the collective. She is an embodiment of balance; light and shadow, spirit and earth. She knows she is royal in all realms so she finds her most authentic expression where two high quality lifestyles bind; she is where luxury meets nature.

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