Royal Womban

The royal womban is the portal that channels spirits from the invisible to the physical. She naturally manifest and molds them into an entire being. Channeled seeds from the stars, planted in her cosmic womb, nourished by and known to consist of the all the elements of the universe. The power is in her womb. The green, orange, and deep blue hue conjugated in her aura making her the divine feminine. She is the Mother; the earth for receiving bountiful energy which she then multiplies into a garden of fruits. She is the source of creation. She birthed this nation. She is godly, she is royal, she is pure because she is the organic soil.  Finding herself and becoming in tune with this royal energy is the key to her divine journey. She carries the source of the universe. Immerse in her. Basic cosmic law shows us what you give you will get. When the universe receives love, it returns it to it’s sender tenfold. Something about the royal woman we were never told is she embodies the portal the masculine is looking for to find his divinity again. To come back to his soul. To hold hands with the creator and remember the goal. It’s in us, we are the gold. It’s time to find thyself at the source, to come back home, to be one, to love, and remember the life force were created from.  The royal womban knows her worth. Her true nature is beautiful, sensual, spiritual, abundant, and free. In her garden she bears the seeds. She tends to to her fruits, flowers, and trees, cleansing poison when she needs. Her sweet nectar is the antidote for the global plaque which causes us to sleep. She uses her power to heal herself and her children of the world. The royal womban is the source of all creation. She birthed this nation. We will not ascend until we love the royal woman again.   So, Come back home and show some respect to your mama. Bitch. 

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Tyler A. Norman

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