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Once in a Blue Moon in Aquarius

The second full moon in Aquarius has us no longer asking for freedom but demanding it. This moon leaves nothing hidden; revealing our truth. Will you walk with yours?

Rather we are aware or not, we are 70% water. If the moon has the power to shift the tides in the ocean it only makes sense that the same would be done within us. Therefore, it’s very handy to know what energy is most potent during times like the full moons so that we can align our desires with that of the universe. It helps us to innerstand our our deepest emotions (which is ruled by water) and how we relate to our outer world. There is science behind heightened energies on full moons. Tap in with the energy so that you may co-create with it.

What is a Full Moon anyways?

A full moon is when the sun and moon directly oppose each other and the earth lies “between” them giving us the moon in its fullest most enticing light. It is the part of the lunar cycle which lasts about 28 days. In its conclusion the sun moves into the next zodiac. However, the moon changes zodiacs about every 2-3 days. It is a sacred time in the moon cycle where we can check inventory on how the seeds we planted during the last new moon have come to fruition.

Full moons are extremely powerful for releasing because the moon mirrors the energy within us of being full and being ready to purge what no longer serves our highest good. It is also a powerful time for setting intentions due to the space we’ve made with surrendering to letting go. Take time to work with this power on the day of the full moons. Don’t worry if you miss it! The energy remains potent three days before and three days after.

The Eccentric Blue Moon in Aquarius

A blue moon occurs only 7 times in every 19 year cycle. It is when there is a fourth full moon in one season. Therefore giving us two full moons in one zodiac. Powerful right? This full moon is taking place Sunday, August 22nd. It peaks at 7:02am CST at 29 degrees of Aquarius in conjunction with Jupiter which is retrograding in Aquarius. The first full moon took place on July 23rd at 1 degree Aquarius. Thus, this water bearer energy is washing away layers of skin not just on the surface but deep within that we didn’t realize needed to be shedded. Although this has been kind of a painful process for some it has been majorly liberating along side letting go of the responsibility of shit that never belonged to us.

With the last new moon being in fiery Leo partnering with the lions gate portal on 8/8. This energy showed us our divine core truths and to trust in our very own unique signature of the universe. Reclaiming power we have given away due to childhood traumas, fears, limitations and downright illusions. This second moon in Aquarius is coming through with fresh energy to clear out the last of these major cycles. So that it can make room for the future innovations and visions that Aquarius brings. It is showing its face with rebellious energy to the status quo, fearlessly disrupting what is widely accepted for expansion into a better future. Once again breaking the old mould so that our newest truest selves have space to thrive.


Along with these rare aspects happening there are also 6 retrogrades taking place. Don’t freak out though, although retrogrades have gained a bad rep they are so necessary for our growth and wellbeing. This time is so fertile for retrospecting the beliefs we have consciously and subconsciously agreed on. With them playing with the energies of the full moon this give us even more of a super power to manifest and release.

Jupiter the planet of expansion is retrograding in… you guessed it Aquarius gifting us the power to expand in new ways that we’ve never tried. Opening up and awakening pieces of ourselves that further serve us on future endeavors. Saturn the big daddy planet of structure and discipline in also retrograding in Aquarius causing us to question the limits we’ve held onto for comfort. This a great time to change routines and implement new ways of organization that give us an outlet to channel this new expansion.

The constellation of Aquarius blessing us with all its fresh freeing energy

Uranus (which rules Aquarius) is retrograde in taurus. Meaning the planet of surprise and free-thinking is in grounded and stubborn taurus giving us stamina in our ground breaking ideas and shifts. Taurus wants to ground our out of the box dreams and this retrograde is showing us what has kept us from that physical fruition.

Dreamy Neptune the planet of illusion is retrograding in its home sign of pisces. This is taking us deep within to see where we have been deceitful with our own truths keeping us from the enlightenment that Neptune can bring. Also showing us where the root of our escapism and addictions come from. With all the Aquarius energy accompanying it we have the bravery to look at our darkness we’ve avoided and integrate it with this planet of oneness working in our favor.

Pluto the planet of shadows, depth, death and rebirth is retrograding in Capricorn the father of the zodiac. This energy is one of regenerating our inner father and divine masculine energy. On a grand scheme we are shifting from a patriarchy paradigm to a matriarchy paradigm. As we know, so within so without. We are allowing our divine feminine to express her voice and shifting our masculine from a place of control to place of protection for her to feel safe to do so.

Last but not least we have our wounded healer Chiron which is technically a comet not a planet but still has a powerful effect on our energy bodies because the universe is all a reflection of the aspects within us. Chiron is retrograding in Aries. Giving us the warrior energy we need to finally stand up to what has wounded us. This is understanding our pain as our purpose while also holding ourselves and others accountable for causing these ailments. So that we can truly move on with peace to what has hurt us.

Spirit is making way for so many portals for us. Will you dare to step through?

Rituals for this Powerful moon

Automatic writing from your subconscious mind

The subconscious works a lot like a computer program and enjoys using a computer to communicate. In tandem with airy Aquarius which relates to mental energy and technological expansion a great way to tap in with this energy is to do an automatic writing on a computer.

Step one

Set a timer for ten minutes. Close your eyes down and place your full awareness in your breath.

Step two

Set the intention to only observe and not attach to any thoughts that may rise. Imagine then like traffic, watch the cars go by. Don’t hop in front of them or try to hitch a ride. Just be the observer. Be aware of any patterns you notice. Feel into your body and aura and take note of how you feel. Don’t try analyze or internalize it, just make a note. KEEP BREATHING!

Step three

If you followed the directions above correctly you should be left with clearer channel for the exercise. Sit down at a laptop if you have one a full key board is super helpful with this exercise, but do with what you have.

Step four

Start the letter from your subconscious with Dear conscious mind, etc. And literally step out of your conscious thought (the meditation was meant to help you with this, if still feeling to dense to flow repeat step one and two) and allow you subconscious to spill all it has for you. Type without worrying about what is being said. Read it when finished. This is a powerful exercise for direct communication into your beautiful mind. Have fun kids!

Journal Questions to Aid in Innerstanding the Energy

Question 1

In what ways can I can make my inner child feel safe to express itself fully?

Question 2

How can I better stand up for my beliefs in a healthy way?

Question 3

Where have I repressed or gave my power away in hopes of not making a ruckus?

Question 4

How can I integrate my higher truth with this physical body?

To wrap it all up we are being asked refine, repair, redirect, re-focus and rebuild internally and externally. We are bringing out those dark pieces of our selves we pushed to back of the book shelf in hopes that it would off itself. It won’t. We are being asked to clean out those dark spaces and transmute them to light. So that there is space for the MAJOR new wave of energy Aquarius is bringing in. Choose you this time around. We are getting the chance to do this with the support of the beautiful astrological aspects taking place. Shall we grow together friends?

Anjali Devanshi

Anjali Practices Intuitive tarot readings, Aura readings, Is certified in Reiki I & II and has recently began specializing in guided meditations for healing based on the persons current energy. Anjali has also always had an innate affinity for the arts being drawn to creative writing and visual arts from the time she could express. This blossomed into being a graphic designer and writer. She cherishes graphic design because it gives her purpose in the current paradigm shift to help others become more autonomous and bring their vision to life. This all lead to the creation of her own brand Empyreal Roots meaning all of our roots originated from the highest of the high. The ultimate mission of this brand is to guide people in remembering who we all are truly at our core, and how to integrate it into our lives so that we may live from love and not survival.

The All Natural is now partnered with Empyreal Roots providing you with all you need for every moon!

Into Astrology? Read about the Lion’s Gate Portal!

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Everything You Need For the Leo New Moon + Lion’s Gate Portal

Are you ready to step into the Lion’s gate 8/8 portal? A guide for the initiation.

What is a New Moon?

A new moon is the breath of fresh air after a full lunar cycle. A lunar cycle happens about every 28 days. A new moon is a great time to hone in on the lessons from the prior lunar cycle so that you can truly integrate them stepping forward into the current energies being bestowed upon you. New moons are also a very powerful time to set your intentions for what you want to implement and learn in the new cycle.

How Does the Moon Being in Leo Affect us?

Leo is the zodiac of the sun itself. In its divine form it is ultimate warmth, unique truth, sacred confidence and a true giver of self. This energy from the sun being in its native sign since July 23rd has driven us back into all of our lions hearts. Illuminating the truths that shine through us straight from our soul.

This energy has blessed us with the divine confidence to trust our inner guidance and to truly beam our lights fully without fear.

Its really demonstrated just how calculated spirit is with leo coming after cancer, the mother of the zodiac. Nurturing ourselves and going within so that our seed has the endurance to breakthrough and expose itself to the world in leo.

This moon isn’t about perfection, it’s about loving yourself through all your phases ENOUGH to share. To just be is true freedom. Leo is demanding you to be free in all that you are. Spirit created all of us with our own celestial blueprint that ONLY we have. The leo new moon is asking us to STAND in it no matter what phase it’s in.

Alrighty Nerds, Let’s Put Our Goggles on and Get into The Sciencey Scienceness Aspects

The leo new moon is happening on 8/8 at 16° Leo and is in conjunct with Mercury at 23° Leo. Which is when two planets look at each other like “aye you fine, lets be aligned” and they line up directly which blends their vibrations and work together.

The moon represents our emotions, while mercury represents communication, logic and
rationality. With these two aspects working together it gives us an opportunity to look at the emotional truths we’ve told ourselves and decide if they are truly logical when it comes to our core truth.

It also is helping us articulate our emotions and channel them in an outlet to be
expressed. We are recognizing how vital it is to just be so that our fellow humans can feel
comfortable in just being too.

Although Leo is the sign of the self it loves to basked in and to give off its light. Together we
shine much brighter in our authenticity then we ever could apart with masks.

What is this Lion’s Gate Portal Everybody is Talking About?

As you’ve probably heard this moon is on Leo crack because it is aligned with the peak of the
lions gate portal on 8/8. The lions gate portal is the rising of the star sirius, the brightest star in the sky that disappears from our night sky for a period of time before rising and thus activating the lions gate portal.

Sirius is associated with liberation and its rising was linked with the Nile flooding in ancient Khamit. Giving birth to a very fertile time spiritually because Sirius is considered the sun of our spirit. Light codes being downloaded, DNA being activated and consciousness evolving rapidly are all heightened greatly during this time.

The numerology of 8/8 is an infinite energy of success, progress and achievement. Which is
also super aligned with all the leo energy.

This is a time to get serious about what you’re manifesting. This energy is a surge of fertility for our dreams and desires. Make sure it is aligned with your inner truth because the energy is powerful and a great gift. As we know, with great gifts comes great responsibility. Which goes back into how calculated spirit is because in the next couple weeks we will enter organized and
responsible virgo grounding all of the activations from precious and vigorous leo.

A Ritual for the New Moon in Leo

Step one: Write your intentions on a sheet on paper

Step two: anoint the paper with a blessed oil to help activate the manifestation (orange, lemon, & cinnamon are great for emanating leo energy) but use what you got intention is more powerful than anything.

Step three: pick a candle (white, orange or yellow are preferred but again intention is everything.
The most powerful part of this is the flame) (also life hack, dollar tree has multi colored long neck candles great for altar work and rituals)

Step four: put your written intentions under the candle. Say a prayer and light the candle.

Step five: focus on the candle light, project your visualizations onto it gratefully asking the fire to assist in alchemizing this visual to reality. Pay attention to how the flame burns.

Tall & strong: your confidence will bring this to fruition

Dancing wildly: your manifestations foundation is molding to be able to bring this to fruition

Dim: requires more belief within you to manifest

A Ritual for the Lion’s Gate Portal

Rise with sun and meditate with its warming light. Become aware of the light codes absorbing into your skin. Ask it to speak to you. Write and share the messages given. Also visualize it activating your manifestations like crops from the sun rays of father creator.

When night falls, meditate in the light of shining sirius. Imagine your vision in the womb of the night sky growing and being given life to by mother creator.

Journaling Questions for the Energy

What keeps you from expressing your full self?

What people, beliefs and habits keep you from doing so?

How can you release these things without guilt but with love?

What acts make you feel like your full self?

Imagine the person you want to become, hold that image in your head and connect how you would feel as them for at least 1 minute. Write all the details from the vision as if its the present.

If you could live any life you wanted without financial limits or “i can’t because”. What life would you choose? Write it out in the present and remember if you can see it in your minds eye, it’s achievable.

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3.14 Open Journal Series: 12.21.20

Hello my kings and queens I have an enlightening 3.14 post for you all today! In celebration of the last 3.14 blog of the year we’re going to wrap this up with a bang! We got big realizations and full circle connections coming through today baby.

Not too long ago I was compelled to binge watch The Walking Dead Series on Netflix. Orignially, I told myself I was watching it to “brush up on my survival skills”. Which in fact was my intention, I wanted to see how we might react to the world falling to pieces and everything we know being taken away. I wanted to observe the mentality and action humans might take to stay alive during a global epidemic. Though I learned some survival skills like: being aware of surroundings at all times, always staying strapped, how to find shelter, find food, track people/animals, and how to decide whether to trust a stranger or not, the survival skills arent the mos important part I needed to learn.

In the show, this group of people stick together so tightly fending for their lives, they become just like family. In the beginning of it all, they wanted to save everyone, help everyone, take everyone in, and remain whoelsome giving individuals. Their big thing was staying “good” and remaining a humanitarian although the dead human race was literally trying to eat them alive. As the show goes on, season after season, these people become forced to do “bad” things to stay alive. Their forced to kill other surving humans; their friends who turned on them, stangers who threatened their survival, and those who were bitten but not dead yet. Not to mention the brutal stabing, shooting, and ripping apart of dead walking bodies they were forced to do. Through this journey, several memebers of their pack even voilently die right in front of their eyes. Naturally, this trauma turned many of them into savages. Where kiling was a natural instinct.

In a late season of the show, they meet a priest who tells them he thinks the main lesson God is trying to get across with all this madness is remaining enlightened.

And that hit for me.

Although we arent literally fighting “zombies”, we are fighting walking bodies with dead souls. Evil entities who are dead inside and need to feed on life for survival are very real. In the show, this was all a physical experience. Here in this reality, it’s a spiritual experience. Which means, it’s all energy. Low vibrating bodies needing to feed off the energy of those vibrating at a higher frequency. Fear is the lowest vibration and taking your hope, your faith, your enlightenment, and your love away then replacing it with fear is the same thing as a zombie walking up to you and feeding on your flesh.

Kings and queens listen to me when I tell you this is a spiritual battle. Whether Corona is caused by 5G, chem trails, or pscyhological fear attraction, it doesnt matter. Whether this vaccine is actually a nano chip designed to controlled humanity and keep us from ascension, it doesnt matter. Where these race wars, riots, and killings of our people are to put us in fear mode to prevent black people from self-actualization, it doesnt matter. Whether sex trafficking is a form of energy zombies/vampires feeding on sexual energy to stay alive, it doesnt matter. The details dont matter, at the end of the day we’ll drive ourselves crazy trying to find the hard cold truth. The truth is this is a battle of who can ascend past this feared based hell. Because hell is not a place but a mindset that manifest into our reality. This is a battle of who can keep their vibration high enough to elevate, to create reality past fear, and see with our real eye. This is a battle of who can understand this world and the shift thats happening but be detached from it. The survivors are those who dont let this turn them into fear, turn their survival mode on overdrive, turn to savage mode, and develope a cold heart. Because without the power of your heart you are easily controlled, you are out of balance, you are out of alignment with the universes greatest expression of you and your reality.

Now, now, dont get it twisted! We have to experience survival mode to know how to fuck some shit up if need be. But us people of color already know this. So, continue to stay aware, stay strapped, learn how to beat a bitch ass, get in the shooting range, plant your own food, become self sufficent, and a STAY AWARE. But, also maintain enough spiritual essence and high vibration to separate this world from your divinty; it’s about keeping your divinity while keeping it gansta. Be prepared but have no fear.

Don’t let them scare you into the reality they want you to have. We create our realities when we are in tune with our true selves.. LOVE.

Happy Winter Solstice. Happy return of Christ Conciousness. Happy dawn of The Age Aquarious. Happy astrological full circle. Today the planets give us a reset, a new beginning, karma, and turned tables after 6,000 years. May you create heaven on earth.

Nala Asa Shakur

Nala Asa Shakur formerly known as Tyler A. Norman is the CEO & Founder of The All Natural, Hostess of the world wide podcast, #TTALK , and author of Love Starts Here. She’s a creator & healer serving through various facets of artistry. Her forms of expression range all the way from visual & performing arts, kitchen alchemy, to creative writing and directing. Through her work and her rising movement, #Naturalisthewaytoglow™, she inspires and assist others with self-love, holistic healing, and finding a true inner glow.

Enjoy this blog? Read from the beginning of our 3.14 Open Journal Series!

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3.14 Open Journal Series: 11.27.20

Long time no see.. well no talk.. no type? You know what I mean. Anyway, its been a long time since my last 3.14 post. Why, because the lessons have been POURING in heavy. I have SOOOO much to cover, so let’s just get started.

On the last post I talk about how everything going on is all apart of a pschological war, a war on conciousness, an attempt to keep the masses alseep and controlled. Ultimately to instill FEAR. If you’ve read my book (if you havent your sleep) Love Starts Here: Creating a Life of Love Within for a Life Never Without, you’ll understand the vibration of fear. Fear is an umbrella for emotions like anger, sadness, rage, and jealousy. For traits like racism, actions like violence, and reactions like bodily sickness. Fear is an energy like all things.

I’ve been reading another book by Dr. Joe Dispenza called Becoming Supernatural. In this book he gives scientific facts about how our body is a manifestation of the energy we carry. He mentions how our subconcious is what controls our auto nervous system; aka the system in our body that controls everything we automatically do without thought. Ex: breathing, blinking, digestion, body temp, and all the function of our internal organs. We dont have to think about doing these things.. our auto nervous system controls this for us. What controls the auto nervous system… OUR SUBCONCIOUS. So, when fear is placed into our subconscious mind (through constant repitition, Tell- a- vision, mask wearing, and many other tactics), what do you think the auto nervous system will automaticall manifest in our body? Sickness. Now if that’s not hittin for you and you feel as though you need more proof.. go read the book.

If its not clicking for you by now, im going to flat out tell you FEAR CREATES SICKNESS!!

I dont mean to be too harsh on yall but this is serious business. You have to have a love for yourself to master this universal lesson we’re all learning. You have to take care of your body, listen to its language of symptoms, control your own thoughts, and reprogram your subconious mind. If not, the psyhcologival programming thats going on right now is ging to take hold of you and begin to control your reality.

Till next time..

Nala Asa Shakur

Nala Asa Shakur formerly known as Tyler A. Norman is the CEO & Founder of The All Natural, Hostess of the world wide podcast, #TTALK , and author of Love Starts Here. She’s a creator & healer serving through various facets of artistry. Her forms of expression range all the way from visual & performing arts, kitchen alchemy, to creative writing and directing. Through her work and her rising movement, #Naturalisthewaytoglow™, she inspires and assist others with self-love, holistic healing, and finding a true inner glow.

Want to read more? Read the next blog in our 3.14 Open Journal Series!

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3.14 Open Journal Series:6.1.2020

When I noticed people being judgmental and distant toward Asian people at the beginning of this pandemic, I knew this was going to slowly bring back some form of segregation. It was all going to highlight differences and put certain demographics into a steer clear from category. 

Low and behold, the media soon broadcasted loud and proud these fake ass statistics of black people being the highest percentage carrying the virus. Are the stats fake? I think so. But it could also stem from the fact black people are the majority of those deemed essential workers, we have less access to healthcare, and our bodies are systematically unhealthier then others. Who knows.

This is when I knew things were going to start crumbling fast. This was all a plan; a plandemic.

The plan has many angles to hit; separation is one. The age of Aquarius is a new era where seperation is going to change to unison. We are in a time of the pullback, the resistance, where dark is resisting light. So, because this new era will begin uniting us, there methods of dividing people at play. Social distancing is keeping us away from each other. Keeping us from grouping together, having connections with coworkers or store clerks. It has us fearing each other and SEPARATING. 

Racism is being HIGHLIGHTED. It’s nothing new, this country is built on racism. Cops have been killing us forever and before then, they were just dressed different with different names. 12 is just the new name for slave masters. Same people, same act, new generation. But, it’s being HIGHLIGHTED more. Recent police murders have been been booming all over the media; Ahmuad Arberry, Breona Taylor, amongst many others. But the tip of the iceburge was George Floyd. Four cops arrested him for allegedly forging a check, they pinned him to the ground, handcuffed him, and one kept his knee on the neck of this man for 9 minutes. Cutting off his circulation, causing him to lose consciousness, and eventually pass on. All while knowingly being recorded. Some say this killer cop knew George, its been said they worked in the same building…


This murder of another one of our people caused riots, protest, and looting all over the world. Police stations burned down, cars overturned, and white corporation ran all the way through. This is the biggest civil rights act in history; this is the final straw. Cities all over the country, even cities around the globe are using their voice to stand up and fight back. We’re peacefully asking for change but we’re also burning shit down, we’re angry, we’re passionate, and WE ARE FED UP. This is THUG LIFE.

“The hate you give little infants fucks everybody!” 

Tupac Shakur

The thing is, from how I see it, this is part of the plan. A divine plan and a human orchestrated plan. There is a dark side and a light side to the whole thing. 

If you watch the documentary Out of Shadows you’ll see how much influence the CIA has on media outlets. What’s put in the media is put there for a purpose. It just seems odd to me that all this COVID-19 bullshit just went out the window. 2 weeks ago no more than 10 people were allowed to gather, today theres thousands of people shoulder to shoulder. The media went from nonstop coverage of COVID to nonstop coverage of protest. They are controlling the masses. Their plan is working.

A while ago a friend of mine overheard a conversation between two white men while at a gun shop that had been wiped clean. One asked the other if he had been loading up on ammo. The other exclaimed he had, he excitedly said he accrued 78 cases of amo. He was all geared up. Ready. But for what? 

The empty shells of the shop suggested everyone had been out buying guns and amo. There are people who are preparing for something. The conversation suggested there a certain people preparing more than others. What? What do they know that we don’t? Why does one need 78 cases of amo? 

As I see the protest all over social media I see my people exposing the truth of uncover cops and white supremacist coming to start trouble at these protest. Non only undercover but in uniform. They are macing people, shooting rubber bullets, and arresting people everywhere. I see the agenda playing out. Is this what they were preparing for? We’re these riots planned? Are different groups planning to infiltrate and use this as a means of violence, capture, and excessive force on POC. Is this the beginning of a war? Was all of this to enforce Martial Law? My intuition tells me yes.

In psychology there are studies done which show how our emotions effect how we see things in this physically world. Our emotions can make us see illusions. For example, if we are in fear mode for whatever reason and we see a rope, we can mistake the rope for a piousness snake and react in defense against the rope which was never out to get us or as scary as our emotions made it seem. This is an emotional illusion: its all psychological.

Politicians and leaders will often create an emotional illusion when they want to go to war. Fear will be placed in the mind, through the media, creating emotions like anger, rage, and sadness.All to place the masses into defense mode.

We are in a psychological war. War must begin in the mind before it manifest in this physically reality.

This is a pandemic with many angles to hit; all around to bring fear, war, and separation. This is the crumble before the rise. The destruction before rebirth. 

Power up!

Stay spiritually and physically protected. Connect with your ancestors, your living brother and sisters, and solidify your ROD gang. 

Everyone has a different role to play right now. This is all a divine plan but also a plan with a dark side orchestrated by hate groups and low vibrating individuals. 

So, listen TO YOUR ROLE instead of following what everyone else’s is doing. Some people are meant to play the role of protestors; peaceful and violent. Some are meant to stay inside, donate, create, educate, and spread wisdom.

Don’t judge someone else’s assignment because it doesn’t look like yours or align with what you think is the right way. Everyone has a key role to play. We will only win this war as a team playing our correct positions.

LISTEN to your own personal divine assignment and get ready for the ride. 

Nala Asa Shakur

Nala Asa Shakur formerly known as Tyler A. Norman is the CEO & Founder of The All Natural, Hostess of the world wide podcast, #TTALK , and author of Love Starts Here. She’s a creator & healer serving through various facets of artistry. Her forms of expression range all the way from visual & performing arts, kitchen alchemy, to creative writing and directing. Through her work and her rising movement, #Naturalisthewaytoglow™, she inspires and assist others with self-love, holistic healing, and finding a true inner glow.

Want to read more? Read the next blog in our 3.14 Open Journal Series!

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3.14 Open Journal Series: 3.14.2020

March 14, first mercury retrograde of 2020 shadow period. Entering the Age of Aquarius. A paradigm shift from separation to unison; fear toward more love, and clarity. Death and rebirth. Crumble and collapse. My higher self told me in my dream to start creating from all this chaos so I’m documenting my experience. 

I’m experiencing things from a higher prospective. The world is shifting right before my physical eyes but my real eye can see right through it all. I have an inner wisdom, a knowing, and connection to the truth.

So far 5G has been a thing. Since our ever so impatient society wants faster data we are creating 5G towers. But with quicker internet and call roaming comes more radiation. Radiation quite higher than 4G which is already an outrageous amount. But I know it’s not just about faster internet, there’s always deeper plots and underground business taking place. So far there’s been theories on what these amounts of radiation will do to our world and reflectively, us. Some say the radiation will begin killing trees, causing them to rot. Along with it severely effecting our brain function and evaporating a large amount of water in our bodies.

I say… if it’s rotting trees and frying our brains it’s meant to hit us from all angles. I’m sure 5G makes us more addicted to our phones, the quicker the better. We’re being filled with dopamine. We’re getting attention and information faster and faster, easier too. Making our technology an addictive drug. I’m talking from experience as my phone has been sucking my energy through it’s black mirror. This could be to keep our mental energy occupied, distracted, and controlled. I’m sure the radiation in the air is effecting the environment which correlates with our mental energy. Our water, which is our emotional energy and beyond. Ultimately it’s an attempt to keep the collective at a low vibration. Even an attempt at depopulation. Tipping the scales more toward fear than love. It’s a resistance. Dark resisting light.

Supposedly these towers were first built in China, Wuhan to be exact. Recently an outbreak of a virus called Covid19 broke out in China shutting cities down. Causing travel bans and recommendations of returning home for those American traveling in China. It wasn’t a huge deal, because hey China is super far away. Through news channels Americans were told all is well for US. We were told WE were good but lowkey given a over exaggerated story of tragedy for those in Asia. Because of this, I believed, I observed Americans beginning to pay close eye to differences again. Differences which separate us. Side eyes to those with Asian futures. 

Within the span a a few months suddenly the world has been outbreaking in this so called virus. The media has fed us death stories and numbers Without giving out info on recovery. They sold us the idea that this “virus” is spreading faster than ever and is more dangerous than not. The president however has sold the idea it’s all a faux. Let me also mention the current president, Trump, recently went under an impeachment trial for connecting with Russia to rig the 2016 election. Bringing along all sorts of bafoonery. Some action movie shit right? Right. Oh, and let me also mention America killed one of Iran’s most important figures. So, we are also awaiting reaction from them. It’s being predicted they will launch a cyber attack on America. Life is crazy. 

Anyway, the news and socials, email, marketing, all forms of media have spread this information quicker than ever. Frequently covering it to condition the mind. To plant the information in the mind and more importantly to plant fear of the information in the mind. We can see how much influence the media had over us by the way the collective is responding. We’re panicking. Now, as this virus has so called spread to tons of other countries, causing countries to completely shut down. The collective is panicking. We’re being told the virus has spread all the way here to the U.S in tons of states. Trump has declared a national emergency, schools are closed, universities as well. Concerts are cancelled. Large events are banned. People are wiping the grocery stores clean. Panic buying non perishable food. Preparing for a quarantine. 

What I see seems more like fear than a virus thats affecting everyone. Fear is what attracts extremely low vibrations and causes sickness. Similar yet an opposition to The Placebo Affect, it seems like more people are getting this illness by fearing it. Because a sick body is just a body at a low vibration, in fear mode. Those who are supposedly dying from it are already in a very low vibration. Adding more fear only results in death as the vibration has reached its lowest it can survive as a human. Who knows maybe these people “getting sick” could be made up numbers. Maybe what’s causing these symptoms is all 5G. Maybe the virus is real and was actually created in a lab to react with 5G ultimately for population control.

What ever the the root creation of this virus is ultimately this is Mother Earth cleansing herself, detoxing. She’s ridding her energy field of low vibrations, old paradigms, and those attached to them. When I get sick, I am moving low vibrations up and through my body to come clean and begin anew. Mother Earth is doing this, what happens to earth is a reflection of our physical energy bodies. So, we as a collective are cleansing low vibrations up and through us ultimately for a death of an old paradigm and a rebirth of a new world. The age of Aquarius.

Given all of this it’s easy to see these low vibrations as evil entities leading all of shit. They are most definitely the darker side of the yin yang. Yet, the yin is not complete without the yang. We need fear to have love, we need dark and light, we’re a human and a spirit, ego and soul. In order to transform we must die and be rebirthed. These are the laws of the universe, this is the cycle of life, creation of us, and the entire universe. So, although all these tragedies happening are seemingly dark and evil, it’s all divine. It’s all apart of the cycle. 

The universe is shifting itself and I am experiencing it all. But instead of being drowned in it all and controlled by the fear. I am aware. I see what’s happening, I see the beauty in it all. Because of this I am love. I have an inner knowing which allows me to not absorb but observe the shift. I’ve already shifted, my prospective sees the higher reason for this all and I’m so incredibly grateful for my view. I went through my own inner death and rebirth of myself for the last few years so I could be prepared for this. So I could be a warrior and help lead the collective toward awakening a new age. I’m forever grateful for my role. 

Nala Asa Shakur

Nala Asa Shakur formerly known as Tyler A. Norman is the CEO & Founder of The All Natural, Hostess of the world wide podcast, #TTALK , and author of Love Starts Here. She’s a creator & healer serving through various facets of artistry. Her forms of expression range all the way from visual & performing arts, kitchen alchemy, to creative writing and directing. Through her work and her rising movement, #Naturalisthewaytoglow™, she inspires and assist others with self-love, holistic healing, and finding a true inner glow.