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Sol to Sol | Serving Self

“Who’s hands hold your trust? The source that gives us all life also gives us living proof to ground our faith in truth.”

We are experiencing an interesting time here on the planet in regards to consciousness. We all have individual devices where we can share information, knowledge, and our personal experience instantaneously across the globe. We have uncovered and shared more information in this digital age than we will even be able to process in our lifetime.  We’ve created a different type of access to the psyche and subconscious mind. 

The more we know how to play the game, the better we can play! Though with all this information, can one ever know too much? How do we determine what is serving our growth and what is perpetuating complacency? When does too much knowledge become unhealthy?

Previous results won’t determine the future outcome, but they do give us clues. Any knowledge we consume and don’t utilize is just like eating more food than our bodies need. Our minds cannot serve junk knowledge just like junk food doesn’t serve our bodies. This is key to our awareness as humans because of how much information there is out there for us to sort thru. We can actually waste years of our life paying attention to information that isn’t serving us or we can add years to our lives by focusing with intention.

The feminine flow of energy is ruling the way the masses relate to consumption. 

The mission of masculine energy is to develop and maintain a system of order for freedom to flow through fluidly. The mission of feminine energy is to explore all forms of intimacy within the experience of freedom. Feminine energy is ruling the collective perspective of consumption because we have been focused on the quality of appearance, entertainment, and excitement. People are more than okay with scrolling on their phones for hours, looking to light up their dopamine they’ve already exhausted. There is no moral standard or divine structure for us as a collective within consumption. This imbalance of the masculine/feminine approach to consumption has hijacked our attention. We’ve been programmed subconsciously to focus on material items and a fantasy digital world.

All of this outward reflection has illuminated personal introspection. Where your attention goes energy flows, so what am I really creating? How much do I believe in myself? How am I balancing my desire for intimacy and my desire for structured growth? Do I believe in the vision enough to be a faithful servant to it? 

My reality is only evolving at the rate I’m allowing it to. This is an honest way for someone to determine if what they’ve been consuming is actually serving their growth. With attention being our cosmic currency, we can pay for anything no matter the price. By simply focusing on our individual truth, we will receive the thoughts, ideas, and emotions that motivate us to take action towards that livity.

The greatest contrast can provide the greatest clarity. Reflecting on the collective’s flow of consumption has me analyzing how I’m spending my time and attention. I recently took on a 9 – 5 job, thinking this was the fastest and easiest way to pay for different living needs such as bills, gas, and groceries. It felt easy to hop right on board because of my appreciation for learning a new skill in the process. It wasn’t long before my deepest truth surfaced to the forefront of my mind; I am not meant to be exchanging all of my time and attention for such a small return. That type of exchange doesn’t serve the fulfillment of my desires nor my peace of mind. I know who I am and the value I provide to others. That same day I came to this realization, I had to let the job go in return for my active clarity. I am worth more than a timed exchange rate because the wisdom I’ve gained in my experience is priceless. Most people may feel perfectly aligned putting in that type of physical and mental labor, but it was my time to accept the truth.

What doesn’t serve you doesn’t deserve you. I had to fire my job to HIGHER my Self.

No matter what is common amongst others or what society has laid out for you, you must accept what is for you and what isn’t. You will undoubtedly experience the sorting of alignment throughout your lifetime in order to know exactly what is worth your time and energy. It will come in the form of people, places, and things. Friendships, jobs, romance… Any form of relationship holds potential for attachment based on the wants and needs of both energies involved. The faster we can consciously detach from what isn’t serving our precious personal energy, the easier it will be to redirect ones focus to a system of service that’s fulfilling to our soul.

Every person on the planet has a very special purpose, uniquely different from one another. The embodiment and fulfillment of your purpose is the reason why we’re here experiencing life in this realm. Can you imagine faithfully investing in something that pays you back less than what you put in? On top of taking away time you’ll never see again? This feels like either a new version of slavery or insanity if you ask me. One and the same.

The mainstream perspective of manifestation is transforming as we step out of the old paradigm. With the temperature in consciousness rising, all past systems of living are falling short to our expanded awareness of Self. People are loosing faith in the system they were raised in, yet in return they gain faith in their ability to procure their own desired result. Faith is a beautiful idea without action. Now that we can identify what is serving our conditioned minds vs our infinite soul, we can choose to make the right actions that reflect our faith. Who’s hands hold your trust? The source that gives us all life also gives us living proof to ground our faith in truth.

Serving your Self may appear as selfish to someone who doesn’t believe in their dreams the way you believe in yours. Don’t get it twisted though, it’s your divine birthright to follow your dreams full steam ahead. More than your birthright, its a necessity for your soul’s true contentment in this life.

Sol DelaLuz

Sol is a producer of life force energy, experienced in many mediums of art. From fashion design, architectural design, culinary arts and more, Sol is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Living as a freelance entrepreneur, Sol travels the world providing his offerings and services globally. He found greater value in designing his own life rather than working for someone else. This led to him creating his own solar system of spirit-led brands and companies. What motivates Sol the most is the natural world, in all its complexities. Studying nature everyday has shown him the simplicity in creation. Grounded in his sense of purpose, Sol has found solace in his practice of creation.

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