1 on 1 Holistic Health Coaching

These sessions curate a virtual safe space for personal healing. Need guidance or coaching on healing thyself? Receive intuitive channeled messages from spirit, your highest self, ancestors, and all divine guiding you on your journey. All guidance is channeled through prayer, meditation, tarot cards, and a sacred box of messages. Along with your personal guidance you will receive advice + insight from Nala Asa Shakur (Tyler A. Norman) author of Love Starts Here and CEO of The All Natural on how to move forward with healing and growth.


Empyreal Roots Reiki Session

Reiki is an sacred ancient Japanese healing technique similar to an energetic surgery which clears out any energy that doesn’t serve you. It can be done hands free or with touch depending on what the client is comfortable with. It utilizes sacred channeled symbols from spirit for healing the energetic body. Empyreal Roots is certified in Reiki II and loves to share this beautiful gift by being a conduit of who ever’s energy spirit aligns her with for the highest good of all. Click here to schedule your first 1 hr in person or virtual session  (LOCAL KC CLIENTS ONLY FOR IN PERSON SESSIONS).

Chef Lonnie G. Vegan Meal Prep

  • 100% Vegan meals made to order!
  • Updated menu with new recipes!
  • Delivery to Miami area ONLY.
  • Domestic shipping available.
  • New customers get 10% off when they order 10 meals!