Affirmations and Meditation For Releasing Anxiety

Anxiety is a very common mental health issue affecting many people of all ages. The common denominator with those experiencing anxiety is a focus of fear toward something in the future; typically based on a past trauma or experience from the past. When we hold onto fears and trauma from the past we can subconsciously…

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22 Morning Affirmations to Start a Positive Day!

Starting our morning off with affirmations is powerful, back that up, affirming anything of love within ourselves is always powerful. Which is why we can say them, write them, and listen to them at any point in the day and be impacted. But, theres something about saying them first thing in the morning. The time…

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7 Habits to Include in Your Morning Routine

Make your morning routine a space to fill your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical energy bodies with love. 1. Meditate First things first, start your day off with a morning meditation. Grab a few crystals, light some sage, or even light an incense. You can sit in meditation a space with nice blanket and pillow…

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