DIY Deep Conditioner for Natural Hair

The best part is, this quick and easy deep conditioner can be made with ingredients already in your kitchen. When making DIY deep conditioners, the ingredients and measurements can be altered to treat YOUR HAIR the way you like it! Plus, you won’t have to worry about any unwanted extra ingredients that may do more […]

How to Get Clearer Skin and Whiter Teeth with Oil Pulling

What is Oil Pulling? Oil pulling is an ancient form of Ayurveda; detoxification. It has been used for several years India for its natural health and beauty benefits! it is the act of swishing oil in the mouth similar to mouthwash. Only this practice last 10-20 minutes and come with many more benefits! Benefits  There […]

My Natural Hair Journey

Relaxed Hair – 2013 Looking back at this point in time, my hair was fried, I’ll be honest. The crazy thing is, I didn’t even know it back then. To me, this was getting closer to that ideal image of beautiful hair. I was blind to the fact I was destroying my hair to fit European […]

What is Beauty?

Beau·ty /ˈbyo͞odē/ Noun Synonyms: Life, Creation, Nature, Flowers  Definition: You We, along with all other creations are expressions of the universe; down to every detail. The way the sky resembles a watercolor painting at sunrise and set, the way our body brilliantly functions, the way flowers bloom, and everything aligns perfectly in the cycle of life. […]