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Make Your Own Queen Yoni Steam for Cleansing & Healing the Womb

Give Your Womb the Royal Treatment She Deserves

Yoni care is just as important as skin and hair care! It’s important we create time and space to show love and appreciate to our womb space. As women, we carry a magical energy within us; we carry the cosmic energy that creates life itself. Honoring this gift placed within us is apart of our sacred self care routine.

Throughout history, the presence and power of the divine feminine been severely suppressed. Not only suppressed but overused and abused. Take a look at how we treat the ultimate manifestation of divine feminine energy; Mother Earth. We have raped her of her magical energy by polluting her waters and stripping her land all to make a profit and benefit ourselves. The same has occurred with us women, over centuries we’ve been raped and sexually assaulted which has polluted our womb waters (Sacral chakra) all while being stripped of our nurturing gifts and abilities.

So, as the divine feminine energy makes her return it’s important we are on her side. We can honor and support the awakening of the divine feminine by taking care of our oceans and land and also pouring into our own feminine elements of water (Emotions) and earth (Body) within.


Total Servings: 3 Yoni Steams
Serving Size: 1 Cup

  • Organic Rose Petals
  • Organic Lavender Buds
  • Organic Yarrow Flowers
  • Organic Calendula Flowers
  • Organic Hibiscus Flowers
  • Organic Red Raspberry Leaf
  • Organic Rosemary
  • Organic Rosemary
  • Organic Mugwort
  • Organic Sage
  • Rose Quartz Crystal

Benefits of Yoni Steaming

  • Helps tighten and tone vaginal walls
  • Increases fertility
  • Assist with vaginal dryness ( WAP Activator)
  • Can help balance the Ph
  • Can help eliminate and control odor
  • Boost libido
  • Helps sooth and heal vaginal tearing
  • Helps sooth and heal hemorrhoids
  • Helps regulate moon cycle (Period)
  • Can help decrease heavy bleeding and shorten moon cycle
  • Can help cleanse past soul ties
  • Can assist with removing energy from an ex
  • Can help cleanse emotional blockages in the womb
  • Can help cleanse and release sexual trauma
  • Can help release stagnant energy in the womb
  • Assist with awakening the divine feminine energy
  • Stimulates healthy sexual energy
  • Promotes and increases creativity (the sacral chakra holds all crea

Preparing your Yoni Steam

  1. Add all your dry herbs and Rose quarts (or crystal of choice) into a small/medium glass or wooden bowl (Stay away from plastic or stainless steel bowls as they will pollute your steam by infusing their own chemicals into the water).
  2. Use your hands to thoroughly mix all the herbs together.
  3. Open your windows and light a sage stick to cleanse the herbs of any outside energy.
  4. Light a Palo Santos or Incense to bring positive vibes. While the smoke is flowing, pray over the herbs and crystal, then set your intentions for the steam. What do you want to let go of or receive from this steam? Ask the divine mother for assistance and speak your intentions allowed.
  5. After you have prepared the herbs and locked in your own energy, measure out 1 cup for your steam, them add the extra to a sealable bag to save for later.
  6. Next you’ll want to boil your pure spring water in a pot or tea kettle and pour the water over herb into the bowl.
  7. Them, use a wooden or glass spoon to mix the steam and WAIT 5 min for the water to cool down a bit. (Be sure to wait for the steam to cool down before continuing to ensure you don’t burn yourself! The yoni is sensitive and should be treated with care!)
  8. Now that your steam is ready you can begin the ritual!

Yoni Steaming Methods

  • Toilet Method – this method is done by placing your bowl over the seat of a CLEAN AND DISINFECTED toilet seat. Then, sitting on top of the bowl and covering your legs with blankets to help trap the steam.
  • Stool Method– this method is done by using a yoni steaming stool (available on Amazon) or creating your own by simple cutting a large hole in a stool, placing the bowl underneath the stool, and covering the legs with blankets to help trap the steam.
  • Bed Method – this method is done by simply placing blankets and pillows on the bed or floor, then, SECURELY placing the bowl on top, and sitting over the bowl on your knees or in fetal position. Cover your legs with blankets to trap the steam.

There are many ways to use a yoni steam; pick the best option that works for you!

Yoni Steam Spell/Mantra

Every word we speak is a spell! It is a powerful practice to write down our intentions and speak them allowed during the ritual. Saying this Yoni mantra/spell is a way of calling on our higher self and Mother creator to increase the power of the herbs and lock in our intentions; giving magical results!

With this steam I release all old energy that may be blocking me from fully awakening my divine femininity. May I now honor my womb space, acknowledge its magic, and give gratitude for this gift in me.


When to Yoni Steam

A regular Yoni steaming schedule is what’s going to give the best results! Steaming can be done after a shower once a week or before and after your moon cycle.

Add yoni steaming into your self care routine and step into your full feminine power!

Nala Asa Shakur

Nala Asa Shakur formerly known as Tyler A. Norman is the CEO & Founder of The All Natural, Hostess of the world wide podcast, #TTALK , and author of Love Starts Here. She’s a creator & healer serving through various facets of artistry. Her forms of expression range all the way from visual & performing arts, kitchen alchemy, to creative writing and directing. Through her work and her rising movement, #Naturalisthewaytoglow™, she inspires and assist others with self-love, holistic healing, and finding a true inner glow.

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