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DIY Strawberries & Cream Hair & Body Smoothie

Made with ingredients straight from the kitchen for natural nourishment all over.

A delicious creamy smoothie; but, for the hair and skin!

Summer is approaching, which means we want to let out natural hair down and show off our healthy glowing skin! This hair and body smoothie is perfect for treating winter dryness and reviving our natural glow! The best part is, just like a regualr smoothie this can be made with ingredients already in your kitchen. When making DIY treatments, the ingredients and measurements can be altered to treat YOUR HAIR & SKIN the way you like it!


  • 1/2 cup Fresh Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is a miracle plant for the hair and skin! It soothes razor burn, bug bites, eczema, sunburn, dry skin, acne, dry skin, dry scalp, dry hair, split ends and much more! It’s the superstar of this smoothie for sure!
  • 1/2 cup of Coconut Cream ( I use Native Forest Brand) – Coconut cream acts as a natural moisturizer and conditioner.
  • 1/4 cup of Raw Honey – Honey is a natural humectant, meaning it draws in moisture from the environment. Long lasting moisturization paired with its ability to add shine makes honey a perfect addition to this smoothie!
  • 1/4 cup of Extra Virgin Olive or Coconut Oil – a good oil brings the benefits of conditioning and nourishing the hair & skin as well as sealing the hair strands & skin to lock in all this MOISTURE and LOVE.
  • 1/2 cup of Fresh Strawberries (about 4 small strawberries) – Strawberries are high in antioxidants and vitamin C which makes them good for boosting hair growth and glowing skin.


  1. Wash & cut the outside leaf of the Aloe Vera on both ends and both sides.
  2. Then, cut as closely to the leaf as possible to retrieve only the clear Aloe Vera Gel from inside.
  3. Rinse and place the chunk of Aloe Vera Gel into a bowl of spring water for 20 minutes ( make sure the Aloe is completely submerged). This step is extremely important in order to remove the somewhat poisonous part of the plant called Aloe Latex (Yellow Liquid between the gel and the leaf) which can cause itching and extreme irritation to the skin !!!!
  4. Place all your ingredients into a blender & blend until you get a smoothie consistency.
  5. Hop in the shower, wash, & shampoo as usual.
  6. Apply the smoothie to CLEAN hair making sure to cover the hair from root to ends.
  7. Twist hair into two or more twist and cover hair with a plastic shower cap to trap the steam.
  8. Allow the smoothie to sit in your hair for around 10 minutes.
  9. While waiting proceed with shaving, a body scrub, dancing, singing or whatever you wish.
  10. About a minute before rinsing your hair, apply the smoothie onto the body and smooth into the skin.
  11. Rinse your hair and body very thoroughly making sure to get all of the smoothie out.
  12. Detangle hair whilst washing out the smoothie allowing the water and gravity to assist.
  13. OPTIONAL: If you have thin, fine, or straight hair you may need to do an extra shampoo to remove access moisture or simply reverse the steps by apply the smoothie first, then shampoo, and conditioner after. For my thick, long, curly, & kinky headed kings and queens a thorough rinse will suffice.
  14. Proceed with your regular hair and skin routine!

For my thick, long, and 3C/4A curly crown I proceeded to dry my hair with a microfiber cloth, massage my scalp with some castor oil, and apply a small amount of castor oil to my ends as well. I then moisturized my body and let my hair air dry for the remainder of the day!

This Smoothie made my hair and skin extremely soft and nourished. It left my wash and go hair so fluffy and bouncy yet deeply moisturized with a nice shine!

Nala Asa Shakur

Nala Asa Shakur formerly known as Tyler A. Norman is the CEO & Founder of The All Natural, Hostess of the world wide podcast, #TTALK , and author of Love Starts Here. She’s a creator & healer serving through various facets of artistry. Her forms of expression range all the way from visual & performing arts, kitchen alchemy, to creative writing and directing. Through her work and her rising movement, #Naturalisthewaytoglow™, she inspires and assist others with self-love, holistic healing, and finding a true inner glow.

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How to Get Clearer Skin and Whiter Teeth with Oil Pulling

A new morning practice for natural health and beauty!

What is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling is an ancient form of Ayurveda; detoxification. It has been used for several years India for its natural health and beauty benefits! it is the act of swishing oil in the mouth similar to mouthwash. Only this practice last 10-20 minutes and come with many more benefits!


There are many benefits to oil pulling including:

  • Clear skin
  • Reduction of bad breath
  • Natural teeth whitening
  • Gum strengthening
  • Plaque removal (Swishing the oil for up to 20 min removes plaque and bacteria on and in between teeth.)
  • Hormone balance
  • Detoxification (The mouth holds tons of toxins and bacteria that enter the body if not removed; oil pulling removes those toxins. In the process of removing those toxins from the mouth, oil pulling can also balance bacteria in the gut.)

How To

  1.  First thing in the morning on an empty stomach take a capful (approx. 1 tbsp) of oil and swish the oil around in the mouth (similar to mouthwash) for about 20 minutes. Stretch, listen to affirmations, make your bed, or hop in the shower to pass time!
  2. When 20 min is up DISPOSE OIL in a trash bin NOT THE SINK (will clog drains).
  3. Brush teeth as usual.

Oils to Use

There are tons of oil that can be used for oil pulling; the most popular are coconut, sunflower, and sesame oil. You can use one of these oils, mix them all together, or even purchase an oil specifically for the cause.

The pulling oil I use is a combination of both oils with added peppermint oil for a fresh taste!

GuruNanda Oil Pulling

Nala Asa Shakur

Tyler A. Norman who now goes by Nala Asa Shakur is the CEO of The All Natural as well as the author of Love Starts Here. She’s a multifaceted creator & healer serving through various forms of artistry. Her ways of expression range from being an author, philosopher, model, holistic health guide, creative director, to a Kitchen alchemist . Through her work and her movement, #Naturalisthewaytoglow™, she inspires and assist others with personal growth, self-love, holistic healing, and finding an inner glow.

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