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Seeded Watermelon Juice with a Twist

We all know how hot the summertime heat can get! This watermelon juice is fortified with simple yet powerful ingredients, to keep your energy nourished.

Next time you feel called to have some fresh fruit juice, consider the benefits of naturally enhancing the properties and nutrients in the juice. Fruit juices are meant to be simple and easy on the digestion, this is why we only added light and simple ingredients to complement the fruit. Combined with wild harvested sea moss, dates, and the rind of the watermelon, this recipe will take your hydration to the next level!


3 quarts, 12 cups

Cook Time:

20 minutes


Half of a large, seeded watermelon

1/2 cup – 1 cup sea moss gel

3 – 5 pitted dates


  1. With a clean rag, rinse off the rind of the watermelon.
  2. Cut watermelon in to pieces that will fit your juicer best.
  3. Separate however much rind you would like to include, compost the rest. I like to juice together 75% fruit and 25% rind.
  4. Juice on low speed for maximum extraction. Strain when finished, in to a large bowl or pitcher.
  5. Add juice, sea moss, and dates to a blender. Blend on medium high speed till smooth, should be less than a minute.
  6. Serve chilled or fresh. Enjoy!

Pro Tip: you may need to blend your ingredients in batches depending on how much you have and how big your juicer is. Remember, keep it simple, no need to complicate.

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