Decadent Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream

This is a simple recipe, great for beginners. Super tasty & one that you’ll want to make over & over. Serving Size Serves 6 people double recipe for more servings. Cook Time Prep 10 mins Blend 2-3 mins Freeze 3-6hrs to serve immediately (or overnight) Recipe 5 frozen bananas 1/4 cup coconut milk 1/4 cup […]

Simple Superfood Smoothie

You can do multiple variations of smoothies, mixing & using different ingredients. These are great for beginner culinarians, because they are very simple & take a short amount of time. Serving Size Serves 2 people, double recipe for more servings. Cook Time Prep 10 minutes Cook 5 mins Recipe 1/4 cup frozen mangoes 1 frozen […]

Supreme Avocado Toast

Avocado toast became a hit a few years back, especially for those who’s become more health conscious. Some places charge nearly $15 for it. However with this recipe you can make your own with ingredients that cost nearly the same price! Great for beginner level culinarians. Serving Size Serves 2 people total. To increase the […]

Plant Based Protein Packed Berry Muffins

Sponsored by Sacred Sun Cooperative Farm fresh, nutrient packed ingredients give these muffins all the strength they need! The story behind the flour used in this recipe is that Sacred Sun Co-op grew winter peas right next to the rye at their farm. When it was time to harvest the rye, the crop of peas […]

Plant Based French Toast with a Twist!

Today we bring you a refreshing take on a classic breakfast dish, french toast. Made with fresh milled, local bread from two different bakeries here in town. One loaf is a simple whole wheat, similar to the regular store bough loaves, while the other is loaded with dried fruit and walnuts. Freshly ground spices add […]